Saturday, April 30, 2011


Happy Easter! P's first Easter consisted of dyeing eggs, an Easter egg hunt, 2 Easter baskets, a nice nap, and dinner with the Palmer side of the family! It was a great day and Mr. Grumpy was Mr. Happy at Dale and Linda's....Thank god!

Dyeing Eggs

Got into mommy's basket before anyone could move

Found his basket

  Checking out his loot

Gorging on the egg he found on his egg hunt
 Lala & Papi's basket to P

With Great-Grandpa Palmer

After all of the festivities


It was so nice to have a break from school and to be able to spend some of it in Tahoe. We ate, shopped, visited the great lake, and watched Mr. P be his hilariously funny self.  He never disappoints.

Warning:  Obessed mom:)

Eating his first rib

Favorite activity EVER...Open the closet, shut the closet, step inside, open the closet, close the closet

Strolling in his cute little outfit
Peek A Boo through the window...Second favorite activity EVER...Trying to close S.W.A.K.'s door
New Davey Crockett hat, ha ha!

Din Din

The Great Lake...Poor D!
It was so windy, it blew the snot right out of him :)!

Can we say I'm excited!

This is the best thing I have seen on the internet all week!!! So excited for some nice warm weather. I am ready to get my toes painted and break out my cute sandals! Hope spring is here to stay!

Sat   77°F
Sun   81°F
Mon 84°F
Tue   84°F

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break!

Yeeeaaahhh! It is officially my Spring Break, minus the 2 hour class I have to attend tomorrow. I finished my first trimester of nursing school and am so glad to be able to say that...I am a third of the way done...I have a week off...And, I haven't cried in the last three weeks, ha ha. (I'm serious though...It was really touch and go for the first 3 months.)  We, as in P, me & the rents (sniff, sniff...wish D were here) are heading up to Tahoe for 3 nights, which should be fun...Relaxing on vacation is now out of my vocab...Relaxing and baby, excuse me TODDLER, do not go together, but FUN is definitely the right word. I am so looking forward to getting out of here for a while and not thinking about school (minus the reading I need to do, while P naps). I just love the trees, the smell, and of course, the color of the lake! Tahoe here we come!

Gooooo KINGS!!! And, GOOOO DAVID!!!

Accolades for my man first:

He scored 25 points in one game this weekend, with a bum shoulder and was 7 for 9 from the 3 point range...If you follow basketball, you know that that is AWESOME...and often times,  unheard of.....Also....I just saw this:

 The bj League announced the 2010-211 season individual leaders today.

Scoring: 27.3pts Michael Parker (Fukuoka)

Assist: 6.5apg Kenny Satterfield (Osaka)

Rebound: 15.2rpg Gary Hamilton (Shiga)

...3pt: 46% Akinori Takano (Fukuoka)

FT: 89% Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Kyoto)

Okinawa's David Palmer finished the 2nd in the 3pts (45.5%) and the FT% (83.1%) category.

So...he was barely beat out for the highest 3 point percentage and was 2nd behind a former NBA player for Free Throws. 45.5% from the 3 point range is again, AWESOME! Kobe Bryant's highest percentage was 38.3%...Just tooting David's horn because we all know he won't. He will be so embarrassed to read this.
Write up from Japan Times:

The Ryukyu Golden Kings captured the Western Conference's regular-season title and the No. 1 seed for the playoffs on Saturday, clobbering the host Miyazaki Shining Suns 113-82.

Ryukyu (33-16) holds a two-game lead over the second-place Osaka Evessa entering the final day of the regular season.

David Palmer, the former MVP during the Evessa's dynasty years, led the Golden Kings with 26 points, including a jaw-dropping 7-for-9 from beyond the 3-point arc, and Anthony McHenry added 20. Carlos Dixon had 15 points, 11 rebounds and five assists. Steady big man Jeff Newton hauled in 16 rebounds on a night when his seven points were more than enough. Tsubasa Yonamine had a busy day at the point, with 15 points, six rebounds and seven assists as evidence, Dillion Sneed scored 10, Yasufumi Takushi had nine and Shigeyuki Kinjo ended his work shift with a seven-point evening.

Ryukyu blew the game wide open in the second half, outscoring Miyazaki 56-33.

Brandon Cole paced the Shining Suns (13-36) with 30 points, nine rebounds and five assists. Taishiro Shimizu had 19 points and Takuro Ito added 15 for the expansion squad.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a nice little play date with our man, Austin. Preston was obsessed with Lucy, who ate all of his food. He also liked the pizza. P & A played nicely and Mr. Serious was actually pretty fun! My boy is finally lightening up! Yaaaaaahoo!

P's 1st Birthday!

Preston had a pretty mellow but fun first birthday party. We just hung out, played, opened gifts, and had cake. He enjoyed it all and was conked out by 6:30pm. This new walking activity does wonders for his sleep :).

Cake Time
I made him a strawberry shortcake cake, which he loved (and I loved). My sister called me a lame mom for not getting him a disgusting frosting cake...Whatever, strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream is the BOMB!

Singing Happy Birthday

 Lala bought him a little piece of gross frosting cake for him to try....He liked it too..Boooo!


 Munching away!

Preston got money and more money for his college fund (exaclty what mommy & daddy love), clothes, toys, and a baby power wheels from Auntie!

 Checking out his loot!

Opening his loot!
Another treat...He reached up on the shelf without seeing, pulled down some cheetos for himself, spilled the whole bag out, and started munching as many as he could before we caught him.

First Birthday Pictures!


After looking at David's baby pictures from his first birthday, I am going to indian give my previous post...P looks like papa D. So..P looks like auntie and P looks like can that be and where does that leave mommy??!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Email from my very funny husband..

After a super busy night at the hopsital, I awake to find this in my email inbox:

Subject: trend setter!

wow babe, always ahead of the curve!!!!

Gotta love a guy that can make you laugh from a million miles away...And, I guess I should love him if he loves me with my super cool elf ears, ha ha ha! Made me laugh out loud.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whose child is this....

Mine or Emily's?  I carried him, right?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday celebration..

I opted not to have a party this year for P...Bad bad bad mom, I know....The I started counting the people to invite and got overwhelmed with the number of people and ixnayed the idea right then and there. We had a nice little relaxing morning yesterday with swinging, a special shirt, & a homemade birthday cookie for dessert after lunch..One year olds are sooooo easy to please! :) Presents and cake are coming on Sunday!

Mr. Serious

Birthday boy

Cookie Time

12 months...

About to rip it off!

Getting after it!

Mommy got desperate

Height: 31 inches, 84%
Weight: 24 pounds, 67%
Wearing 18 months
Top 10 at 12 months...
1. Will not keep the stickers on his shirt at all....He hates them or loves them, not sure which it is. Thank god we are done.
2. Is walking..WHOOP WHOOP!
3. Puts the cell phones up to his neck/shoulder/jaw area to "talk" on it.
4. Received his very first regulation size basketball and he LOVES it...Blue ball is #2 now.
5. Says ball, diddy (kitty), dada, & a run of mamamamama, occasionally
6. Loves cheese and eggs.
7. Can bend over while standing and pick large things up
8. Has the highest production of ear wax that I have ever seen
9. Is finally getting another tooth...will be two more on top soon
10. Loves his little friend Emma.
11. Blows kisses.
12. Is no longer on the boob..Still uses a bottle...Still hasn't quite got the titling the head back when he uses the sippy cup.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my precious baby boy...I cannot believe that a year has passed since having you. Its as if your spirit was a part of our little family long before you were with us. You were meant for us. Words cannot explain the joy that you have brought into our lives and our hearts. You are my sunshine....I don't know if we will ever measure up to what you deserve, but we will surely try. We love you so much, Preston. Happy 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Preston got to play with Emma and Amani at a basketball game party. He loves Emma; she is his friend at daycare and when he saw her at the party he got so excited. He was pointing at her and trying to grab her hand. He had me put him down so he could crawl over to her. It was so cute!

Amani (2), Preston (1), Emma (1.5)


We have a walker...

It's official...We have a walker...It is on camera as proof! Goooo Preston!!!! I will be updating with video as soon as I get the file.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pics for daddy...

 Hi Daddy!!!

Finally a smile for the camera...
Our goal last night was to get some of P smiling...He is definatly NOT a smiler, ha ha!

If your not daddy, pay no attention...These pictures are a combo of new, recent, and old in no particular order. I just uploaded all my pics off of one of my memory cards, so there are pics from February. Enjoy these daddy!

Big Boy
Soaking wet after having his head in the shower with mommy..At least his isn't crying!

Talking to tiddy! ha ha his word for kitty...

Tickle, tickle

 Into everything

First Valentine's Day

Helping mommy do homework

Such a mooch!

Finally a non-nakey standing picture. Didn't realize I had so many nakey pictures...I want to post them but I have to make them decent first.