Monday, May 9, 2011

My new favorite toy...

My criteria for being a good mom. 1) For some reason, I assumed that a being good mother meant that I needed to carry P around with me instead of in a stroller, until my back broke...It was fine with me, being that we didn't have a stroller, when P was first born and all he did was cry, so I packed him in the Ergo everywhere...It also allowed hands-free nursing.  Everywhere around town and everywhere around the house...2) My one other criteria for being a good mom, for some weird reason, is to take P bike riding with me in an infant seat on the bike...I have no idea where I got these two ideas about what a good mother is (maybe my mom, she did both) but for some reason I always pictured myself with a front pack and an infant bike seat...I guess to me the quintessential happy little family is a mom, dad, and baby riding bikes around the neighborhood together.. We have two pieces of the puzzle.. Now, we just need our third half :).

Getting into the candy dish...

So for a while now, Preston has been getting into the candy dishes...I had no idea until he had M&M drool over his chin in about 4 different colors. Each time I would take it out of his mouth and he would go get another one...I thought someone had dropped a couple in the entry way, where the dishes are..NOPE, he figured out how to get the candy out of the bowl and that is where he kept getting them from..Who knows how many he had eaten by that point??!! Caught it on camera this time!


Whoever said...

Whoever said little girls are cuter than little boys are wrong!!! ha ha! I swoon over little boy clothing like other mamas swoon over pink tutus...I love my little P!

Happy Mother's Day to me, my mom, and all my mothering friends!

Honestly, being a mother is the hardest job I will ever do. You don't know what it will be like until you are there, living and breathing it every single day.  There will be no other job that brings you such highs and also no other job that can come with such lows. It is hard and it is tireless, but it is 1000x over and over again, WORTH IT!  There are so many moments that have filled my heart with love and awe that I would not have experienced without little man. He really is my sunshine.

My whole family, minus David, of course, went to Nevada City for a little wine tasting, strolling, and eating. We stopped by two tasting rooms, had lunch, and I got to enjoy chocolate fondue for dessert (a last meal request of mine). It was a great day. I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gc to Melting Pot from D and Emily's thoughtful bf sent my mom and I a bouquet flowers, 2 balloons, and chocolates with a card that said we are the hottest mamas around. The card might have been the highlight to my day!

 My future game warden/park ranger/professional fisher/anything to be outside baby! This was his favorite spot at each place...Right by the door..hmmm, maybe a Walmart greeter!

 Had to barricade him in by the open window..He thought he was outside without being outside. He also got to be his social self stopping everyone on the street.

 All the ladies...Excuse my eyes, they are like this in one out of four pics.

The man that made me a mom!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Just finished my first day in the Cardiothoracic ICU at UCD...If that isn't intense, then I don't what is...Wait, finishing it with 3.5 hours of sleep because there is so much damn paperwork that has to be done, before I am allowed to work my patient...Yep, I was up until 1230 finishing it up and rose at 4am to start my clinical on time...I always thought the epitome of sleep-deprived was a new mom...Nope, not even close...A nursing student...3.5 seems to resemble a medical student in my opinion. On a slightly different note, the ICU is AWESOME! I liked it today and may have found a new area of interest...We will see how the rest of the rotation goes.

David starts playoffs today! Whoop whoop!!! This means he will be home soon! I can't believe it will be almost 4 months since the last time I saw him. That just seems crazy..Why did we decide to do this again? Please remind me!