Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 months...

Top 10 at 3 months...
1. Blowing bubbles/raspberries.
2. Had an unexpected overnight stay in Korea.
3. Can do the tripod..barely.
4. Gets everything to her mouth.
5. Sucks her thumb. Has done it on and off. It is not a regular occurence, but it happens often.
6. Is finally starting to get a little fat on her legs.
7. Loves sitting in the bumbo for short amounts of time, especially when she gets to look at herself in the mirror.
8. Is NO LONGER SLEEPING AT NIGHT....The jet lag changed that sweet schedule...Who knows when we will get back to our sweet schedule we were on before we flew home :(.....
9. Went to her first basketball game! GOOO HANNARYZZZ!!!
10. Rolls from her tummy to back, which means she wakes up 100x times each to be rolled back over.
11. Is talking up a storm!

Eating Mr. Froggy...Usually it's her hands.

Tripod, whoop whoop!

So cute!

Big brother harrasssing her :)

On the plane