Thursday, February 28, 2013

9 months...

9 months...

1. Learned to smack her lips. She does it all the time now. 
2. Raises her arms when she is done eating to be taken out of her bumbo. She also has something weird with her shoulder sockets going on..Maybe she is double jointed like her mommy!
3. Still no bottle...Not even with apple juice. I am over it. Next milestone will be cows milk in a sippy cup. Lets hope she loves it and chugs it down. 
4. Loves Preston's Scout and his basketball night light. 
5. Plays peek-a-boo. 
6. Gives kisses (I LOVE) and high-fives. 
7. Is already kinda interacting on Skype. 
8. Tries to sing with us and of course, as we know, dances :). 
9. HAS A TOOTH!!!!! 
10. Has stood randomly a couple of times without support. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Valenine's Day in Japan

All the kids (minus Tatsumi & Emi)

Reading a princess story for Utako (Toko, as Preston says). She informed us that this was not a normal princess story. In her princess stories, the princess meets a prince and falls in love. This is just a Disney bedtime story. 

Frosting his cookie

 Chowing down on his fancy creation

Mayo and Emi--One of Emi's favorites

 First Valentine's Day--Pretty in pink

Mayo & Lightening McQueen cookie

Midori, Tatsumi, & Bunny Cookie

Yuko & Little Girl cookie

A smooch...Glad we got dressed up..Not even sure if I got a shower in sadly. 

Baby Emi

 We had a little Valentine's Day party for all the basketball wives and kids the day before Valentine's Day and then David and I celebrated the day of. The party turned out really well. Preston was SOOOOO excited to have his friends over to play. We brought all of his toys out of his room and made a play room for the kids to romp around in. We had lunch, decorated cookies, chatted, and played. It was a good, good day!

David and I did an at-home date night since we don't have a babysitter. We put the babes to bed, broke out the champagne, sushi, and strawberries and stuffed ourselves silly. We also watched some of Glory Roads, before hitting the sack. It was a quaint little Valentine's Day.

I have to add that the weather was AHHHHMMMMAAAZZZING on the 14th. I took the kids to the park where we had a picnic lunch with Alicia. My spirits were instantly lifted...Sunshine and warmth does the body good. I even wore my pants rolled up and no socks with my shoes, wooohooo, living the dream, ha ha....It was probably only 54 degrees but I thought it felt like summer compared to other weather we have been having (low 40's and snow flutters).

Monday, January 28, 2013

8 months

Top 10 at 8 months..

1. Finally started babbling....mostly nana, nom, dada, mama
2. Throws mini-tantrums when she is having to do something she doesn't want to do (e.g.: bath, diaper changes, etc)..Comes with a full back arch and wailing limbs. 
3. Helps get dressed by pushing her arms through her sleaves. 
4. dances the same humpity dance that Preston did as soon as I start singing anything. 
5. Is napping horribly! Always goes down twice a day and lately it has been for no more than an hour with 45 minutes being the norm.  Boooo!!! BUT.....(#6 might explain why)
6. Is sleeping from 6:30 pm to 8 am...It is pure CRAZINESS...Not sure if it is a growing spurt or what. To be clear that is NOT non-stop...A good night is twice and a bad night is upwards of 5 times. 
7. Loves her daddy. 
8. Said "mama" when she was in the tub and wanted out. And said "dada" while looking right at David. 
9. Favorite game=screaming match with brother. all kinds of noises, some of which ar 
10. Has a rudimentary pincer grasp. 
11. Is so, so, so busy...Into everything everywhere....
12. Took 3oz from a bottle. Is definitely a boob baby still. No bottle=no weaning from the bottle..The one upside to a child who won't take a bottle. 


Bath time with Brother..Was a horror show in about 10 seconds, but I got this cute pic before the "pouring water on baby's head" event started

First time with spaghetti=SUCCESS

 With her daddy

 My little Japanese baby