Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 months

Top 10 at 6 months....
1. We have a crawler!!!
2. She had her first Christmas and she got 2. One in Japan and one in America.  
3. Experienced her first real playdate with her American friends.
4. Started eating rice crackers that she can hold on to.
5. Experienced jet lag for the first time.
6. Screamed the longest and hardest that I have ever seen. Even Lala wouldn't babysit her after witnessing it. Too bad that happended at the start of my trip home.
7. Still hates the car seat...2.5 hours of screaming the whole way home from the airport.
8. Had her first minor cold/sickness.
9. Held her own bottle and drank 2 oz..progress!!!
10. Is waking up at all hours of the night many times to nurse :(.
Chewing on an apple

Playing in crib while mommy does chores.