Thursday, June 24, 2010


We just got home from Al's house..It was so good seeing her, catching up, and spending some quality time together before the circus on Saturday! Preston was smitten until it was past his bedtime...Then he was smitten with mommy's milk....what's new though?

We were approved for health insurance today..Thank god. I didn't think it would go through being that the insurance companies are so stingy with the people they accept. Last time I applied, I was denied because I had been to the doctor one time in the 12 months prior to submitting the application. This time I was actually an inpatient in the hospital...I didn't ask any questions, I just took the approval.

We also found Mr. Prince a pediatrician and scheduled his 2 month well-baby check...It is so nice having a trusted friend with a baby one month older than I keep saying, she's does the research and I follow..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meeting the cousins...

Preston finally got to his cousins...Nate and Taylor have changed so much since the last time that I saw them and especially since the last time that David saw them...Taylor is walking now and Nate is a complete chatterbox...Nate was obsessed with Preston...I overheard him say, "I love you so much baby".  He called Preston a "her" all night, and wanted to have one hand on him at all times.  He just liked being so close to him.... I loved it...I hope they have a special bond when they grow up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 months...

Got this great idea from Sarah and she even showed me how to do it for free!!!
And, check out those socks, CHAMP!

Top 10 at 2 months....
1. Started "pouty face"
2. Can hold his pacifier in on his own for more than 3 seconds
3. Loves his Auntie Ems
4. Never blinks Blinky
5. Weighs approximately 14 pounds
6. Has rolled over two times
7. Passes the worst smelling gas ever
8. Loves mama's singing, especially her never-ending version of Mary Had a Little Lamb and The Ants Go Marching
9. Is a morning person
10. Loves being outside

Basketball finals...

We spent the last game of the series at one of our high school friend's home...It was so good to see some of the guys, which we hadn't seen for so long! BOOO to the Lakers...I don't like them.

I love him....

How can I ever say no to those eyes????

These pictures make me smile...

We have officially been in California for a week now..It actually feels like we have been here much longer...We have been having some serious family time and it feels good. Preston finally met Austin in person..He has seen pictures and even got to hang out with him in utero, but never in the flesh. It was so fun to watch them...Preston=Mr. Serious....Austin=Mr. Giggles! I had a great time catching up with Sarah and Jason and Preston played with Austin...Sarah made these great onesies and even had one that greeted us with a Konnichiwa! Austin really is as smiley in person! And, Preston really is not. ha ha, I think he would rather still be on the inside. We had some sucking, some falling, some leaning, some giggling, some smiling, some kicking, and a lot of fun going on! These pictures will be priceless in 16 years.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We are home!

We were so happy to finally be in California....I think Preston is too. His crying stints have not reared their ugly heads, since arriving...It is all the sunshine and family. It makes him happy. We are in the process of looking for an apartment and in the mean time are getting some quality family time in by living with my parents and David's mom. I am sure that once we move out, we will have had plenty of quality time. We are enjoying the meals and extra arms..Preston is getting even more holding time, which he loves because he is a hold-me-all-the-time-baby!

Preston catching up with Grandpa
Getting some quality boy time
Preston with Great Grandma

Preston update.....

Preston is getting bigger by the day! He loves to eat and is getting quite demanding when he is hungry. I don't have a lot of time to get prepared before he starts screaming! He is more alert and many people comment on how alert he is for his age. I think his big blue eyes make him seem more awake too. We like to call him Blinks because he never blinks. We are thinking about entering him in some staring contests to supplement his college fund :)! He is smiling more each day. Morning is his favorite time and around dinner time is his most difficult. Since being home from Japan and Hawaii, he has been on his best behavior and we are hoping that the tide has turned for the better. We don't know his weight or his height but he seems huge to me. I wouldn't say he is chubby, more like sturdy or solid.  He does have dimples on his thighs. This may be the only time when cellulite is cute! He has rolled over once and as I was just typing, he rolled over again..Gone are the days of leaving him on the bed...Maybe this is a two time behavior. He seems so strong to me. He has great head control, likes to weight bear, and lifts his chest during tummy time. My little Hercules! David's grandma gave us baby pictures of David and Preston definately looks like him.  I thought he was looking like my side until I saw David's pictures...We all noticed it immediately! He started cooing and finding his voice.  We have cooing wars back and forth! I try to let him win every once in a while.  He is growing up so fast, AAGGGHHH!!!

Baby Preston
Preston's first toy! He loved Mr. Ladybug and his bouncy chair
Baby P and Mommy
Do we have a plumber in the family? Look at that tush!
Emily dressed Preston up!
Ryan playing with Preston
His first bottle
Blowing bubbles
First recorded smile


On our way home we stopped in Maui...Our original intention was to split up the long flight home. We were in for a surprise, when we realized that the flight from Osaka to Oahu was almost as long as the flight from Osaka to San Fran. Oh well...We had a wonderful time. Preston had good days and bad days, but even when he was crying we could just walk with him down to the beach and look at the turquoise water...It was amazing! Preston experienced his first car seat ride, his first beach, his first sunset, and his first toy. We basically spent our time reading, snorkeling, exercising (David only-you would think he was the one who just had a baby), laying out, and laying in the shade. It was so slow and relaxing; not that my everyday life is extremely busy either! We unintentionally stayed an extra day due to a big fire! Not the worst place to have to stay an extra day!

Nap time in the cabana
Laughing at daddy
Daddy and Preston during the sunset
So cute!
Me laying out...A favorite pastime, once I have a base tan!
The sunset
The little prince being carried from the beach through the golf course, back to our condo by daddy.
Preston with his dorky but effective hat on!
The beach bum in his cabana!
Breakfast on our lanai!

Emily's trip...

I am starting from where I left off with pictures. These are from our trip to Tokyo and Emily's trip to Japan...Instead of writing about our adventures, I figure pictures are way more fun and easier to look at. Enjoy!

Preston and I on the Shinkansen..He slept the entire way.  He used up all of his good behavior on the train rides there.

Emily first meeting him. She was so excited!!!

Us at the game with all of our Evessa gear on.

All the girls in Tokyo about to head out!

Preston loves his Auntie! My sister bought this in two sizes, so once he outgrows this one there is another one waiting for him...Too funny!

The infamous makeup covers...I finally had someone with me to take a picture of..Only in Japan!

Auntie reading to Preston. He loved it!

Dinner with Guchi-san. Probably the nicest restaurant in Osaka and the most expensive meal I have ever eaten!

Preston and I at the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto!

Emily and I kareoke-ing!

The Murrey's last night in Osaka...Saying bye to Mykel! :(. I love her poofs!

It is a bit unsettling knowing that my may never see any of the people that you spent the last year (4 months for me) of your life with ever again. You pack your 2 suitcases, box up your stuff, and head to the airport. Good-byes are sad!