Monday, October 26, 2009

MORE pics from Japan

Me chowing down on Takoyaki (Octupus Balls), YUM!
#1 Fan!!!

Basketball shots of David. Dana has such a nice camera, so she emailed me the shots that she took. Of course, now, I am begging David for one. Mr. Practical is not having it. He says I have a perfectly good camera at home that takes nice pictures. I know I do, but I can't get shots like these, unless I follow him around on the court. Maybe I will try that next time. Some things require extreme measures, :)!
Teammates Waki and Nile

Teammates Ryan and Lynn

Sunday, October 25, 2009

16 weeks!

Officially 4 months. For some reason, 4 months means I really am pregnant. 3 months still meant first trimester to me; 4 months is definitely pregnant. I am feeling good, just like I did in the first trimester, except for the headaches; however, I am now pretty sure they are related to my eyes and not the hormones. The baby (he/she) is about the size of an avocado, YUM! Here is my first blog belly shot! I am nervous for what is to come. I appreciate my jeans more each day.....

PS. Kohls has the lowest priced baby clothes ever!! Yes, I, for sure, have enough clothes to last me the first 6 weeks in Japan....Then I guess more shopping will ensue :)......

PPS. Oh and I just read a research article stating that pregnant women, who eat hot dogs once a week or more during pregnancy increase their chances by 50% of having a child, who will develop brain tumors in childhood.....Almost had a heart attack, as I was on my way to microwave my third hot dog, this week... I thought as long as they were thoroughly cooked they were fine. is all about the nitrates and nitrites! Hmmmm.....I am going to have to do some careful planning in the upcoming weeks regarding my trips to the Target food court for lunch. Sick, I know...

I am now all settled back in YC from my trip to Japan. I did not want to come home at all. I was seriously considering staying and just quiting my classes, but I know that it will be so worth it to get these classes done. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Japan on November 20th!!!

Yesterday, I had Nate's 3rd birthday party at my parents' house for the Palmer's side. It was so fun to watch Nate ask about his presents all day. It was torture to him, I am sure! We had a BBQ, opened presents, and had Dirt Cake. A favorite from my childhood. It turned out well and I hope that everyone had a great time!

This morning my mom and I got to watch David's basketball game on the computer. It was so nice to see him alive and moving, instead of just looking at pics from our trip, which I didn't take very many. Too bad the connection isn't good enough for us to watch the games live, boo!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last night

Last night I went to David's game, which was great because I have not seen him play basketball, since, Jan 09. It was so good to see him out on the court doing what he loves and doing it well. He ended up with 19 points and 8 rebounds. BTW, they won!

I went with Dana and her two boys,
Jaylen and Elijah. They are Lynn's kids. David played with Lynn in Osaka, for two years, so it was also good to catch up with her! It's like things never changed, except she is now showing me around, instead of me showing her around!

The fans are still as wonderful as ever. I saw many of the old ones from the previous seasons. They were very excited that we came back to Osaka. Took my first picture with a fan. Apparently, David told one of them that I am expecting and now all of them know. It was the first thing that every single fan said to me. How news spreads fast? I know when this baby comes, they will go CRAZY!!!! I also remembered that noone likes to hug. I would go in for the hug and end up giving a side hug/pat on the back, while shaking a hand. They are so used to shaking hands with foreigners. They don't know the crazy girls that hug everyone instead. I think Dana and I threw them for a little loop. It was funny!

WARNING: Maybe TMI for sensitive folks.....Funny side note.... I totally forgot about the toilets here. A hole in the ground that you squat over. Can't wait until I am 8 months
preggo doing that. I am not quite sure how that looks or if it will even work out! YIKES, the joys of giving birth in a foreign country. However, since my stomach is not big, I decided to give a try and see if I still got it. It took a long time for me to perfect the skill last time we lived here. You know what, YEP, I STILL GOT IT!!!! And, boy was I relieved.