Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My birthday is coming up...I will say that I have taken it easy this year with the whole birthday celebration....Usually, the birthday talk starts the first day of February and doesn't end well into March, when I am still discussing how fun my speical day was...Yes, my birthday ROCKS every year....This year my mind has been elsewhere with all that is going on, but I will be celebrating and it will be with a bottle of champy. Happy birthday me!

David's team is now tied for first place, whoop whoop! Anyone want to guess which team he is tied with????? OSAKA, ha ha! He will return to the court in March.

I have my first patient tomorrow....Am scared &%*#less, but am looking forward to it...This is what I have been training the last 7 weeks for...Yikes, how scared would you be if your nurse told you that she had been training for this day for the last 7 weeks...Thank god I am not in charge.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Story

My mom picked up P from daycare today and she asked the two little boys, who were there, if P was a good boy today. They said that he was. They explained that they always offer him two toys, one in each of their hands and one toy is always a ball. They said, "He always chooses the ball and that's because his dad is a basketball player." I just thought that was cute. When David was home, he picked P up from daycare a couple of times and the kids (all boys) thought he was a Sacramento King....Too bad they don't know that he is a Ryukyu King!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

To those that I love (family & friends):
Wishing you a day filled with love and happiness...Thank you for being you!

To D: You still make me this happy :)!

To P: You are my little ray of sunshine.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When daddy was home...

Auntie Emily is so fun when she spins me around on this..
Look at this fat little man :)

 Before Mommy & Daddy's date to the Kings game

 Last night before Daddy went back to Japan

 P loves to pull his clothes out of the drawers, while I pick out his outfit each morning...

Bed head...

My boy got himself some serious bedhead the other day....

I luv him...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent pics...

Lately, we have not been up to much...Just the routine of life...Getting up, dropping off at daycare, school, home, playtime, dinner, bath, bed, & studying...We try to maximize playtime and minimize studying time!  Just finished my first term at school and CANNOT believe that I will be graduating in December...Seriously, this is what gets me through each day. I was telling David that I keep waiting for it to slow down and for me to get into a groove, but then I realized that it won't slow down and will probably be this busy for the next 10 months...I just need to come to terms with this. This program is no joke and is definitely no joke with a child. It is going well, but is an incredible amount of work...Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of time outside of class that I would have to put into the program..I guess this is why it is an accelerated program...Thank god it is only 1 year...WOOHOOO!

Baby Jacob is coming tomorrow! Can't wait for updates! GOOO JEN!!!!

 Heading out with daddy, while he was home! Some real boy time

 Brushing his teeth

Sipping on some Starbucks :)

 The Bear Crawl

 More Bear Crawl

New Highchair! I love that he can sit right at the table with us.

10 months...

Ahhh...ten months..if you asked me what 10 months would look like 10 months ago, I would have probably said, "10 months...that will never come." Here we are and my baby is 10 months...I can't believe it. It makes me sick to my stomach a little bit...He is a joy. It is just getting better & better.

These pictures are about impossible to get now. P will not sit still for 1 second, nor does he have any interest in looking at me when I am acting like a clown....We are back to when I had to pull out the circus just to get a smile.

Top 10 at 10 months

1. tries to share his beloved food with us.
2. loves brushing his teeth. He has 4 teeth total. 2 bottom & 2 on top
3. still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth...literally's gross. Good for teethbrushing.
4. crawls like a bolt of lightning..he gets going so fast that he hops sometimes. A bear crawl has started to take over. He goes faster this way.
5. loves to swing in his new baby swing in the back yard.
6. just started napping at daycare....thank god!
7. has stood alone twice.
8. just had a huge growth spurt....things that he couldn't reach a week ago are now fair game and we have some highwaters going on.
9. is obssessed with his blue ball and his small squishy basketball...He constantly throws them & everything else (new favorite game) constantly. Maybe a pitcher? However, he has this throw move that looks like he is trying to dribble the little basketball.
10. talks to us like he is having a real conversation. He answers and chimes in at all of the appropriate times, even though it is all baby talk. And, wants us interacting with him at all times. If he isn't included in the convo, he makes sure we hear him.
11. is finally sleeping through the night 70% of the time. Any night that he sleeps past 3am, I am thankful.
12. still loves to be carried around on my hip 24 hours a day, when he is with me...He is such a mama's boy! And, I like it.
13. is like a little hen....Clucks his tongue all day!
14. inconsistenly gives kisses. Open mouth, of course.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Things are looking up...

Got my car back today!!! WHHHOOOPPEEEE!! It has been in the repair shop since about Jan 13th...Almost a month...I saw it last week and the poor thing was stripped. I didn't know that literally everything can be taken out. Carpet, seats, seat belts, visors, literally everything. The only thing in the car was the dash, which they had just installed and the emergency brake sticking up out of the metal. The doors didn't have anything on them...I was in shock...So to say that I am happy to have my car back looking awesome again is an understatement. Now if I could just figure out the damn car seat:)! It looks awesome and they even buffed/popped out some scratches and dents that were there before. Also, I get to go back in a month and they are going to buff out one more spot that yours truly did, for free...Nice to see that some peeps still have a little customer service.

David left for Okinawa today, which was incredibly sad, but he was only going back if things were looking good for his basketball future, so...things are looking good, which relieves me of a lot of stress, even though we will be missing him for the next 3.5 months. GOOOO DAVID!!!

P is 10 months today OMG!!! He is a little man. He makes me smile/laugh constantly. He is having a heck of a time with daycare and his sleeping. We all know he is NOT a sleeper...He has had problems since the day he was born getting to sleep and staying asleep. David, my mom, & I seem to be the only people who can get him asleep and have him stay alseep for more than 45 minutes without much crying...So daycare has been tough for him recently...He is sleeping about 30 minutes during the day and today he didn't sleep at all...My poor baby. Something has to change..his little brain needs time to learn and rest.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh my....

Next week is finals week...I guess this would be considered "Dead Week", which is a pretty good description of me right now....After finals, we are on to the hospital...A little "yeah" mixed in with "yikes!!!".

And, Preston just stood for about 2 seconds alone this morning.

And, we have 2 more teeth (on top) for a total of 4....As Emily said, "Oh his mamalons are in!" Well said by a dental lady.