Monday, November 30, 2009

Only in Japan....

OMG, look at all of those people!!!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for COLLAGEN!!! WHAT????

No comment is needed.

Love the Crimson Glmour Elf!

These pictures always crack me up!!!

No longer Lost in Translation.....

Our home.

The Babe's first friends, Elijah and Jaelyn.

Mykel...Cutest little thing ever!!!

The Girls!

Drinking it up :)....Sometimes a game is not the same without a brewsky, even if it is non-alcoholic.

View of Universal Studios from our balcony. If you time it right, you can see the fireworks shows. I caught it one time.

Shrine in Kyoto. Look at all of those people!

Us, posing....

Wwwwhhhhheeeerrrrreeeeee'ssssss David????

I made it home without any problems!!! Woo hoo! I have no idea how this flying business is going to work when I am 6 months pregnant. I keep trying to talk David into springing for business class; however, Mr. Practical will state the following, "Michelle, there are perfectly good seats for $1000 cheaper that you can fly in. You get the same end result without wasting money." Yes hunny, that is true, but my comfort level counts for something. I can barely fit NOW!!! There were no hassles other than being stopped by the immigration officer because I didn't have some form that I was supposed to have from the Ward Office. The immigration officer, who works with foreigners (I presume) all day long did not speak any English. Weird! I had to fill out some paper and was on my way! I have included some pics!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heading home...

I just finished packing my stuff, so I don't have to worry about getting it done tomorrow, except for a few items in the wash. WAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I don't want to leave. Heading to David's game today, hoping for a win!!! Pictures to follow when I get home!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for...
my health.
the babe's health.
David's health.
my family and the support that they have shown over the last 4 months.
the easiness of this pregnancy.
finding a place to deliver in Japan.
David's job.
being able to finish all of my nursing prerequisites in 1 semester.
David's family.
Nate-dogg and Taylor.
my friends.
(if you are reading this) YOU!

Have a safe and wonderful day!

Last night, we went to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe with the whole group because the guys have practice late tonight, meaning it starts at 6:30pm. Yah, no accommodations for the foreigners. They will have practice on Christmas too! So...we had our turkey dinner last night. It was fun to go out with everyone! I think the girls, (Dana, Megan, and I) are going to a bar (which I used to frequent often) that will be serving turkey dinner tonight, without the guys. I may have 2 turkey dinners! Nothing will compare to home though!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Japan vs. America

So.. the differences between the two cultures have already started in regards to pregnancy. One major difference is regarding weight gain. I was informed today that I should not weigh more than 64kg=140lbs, when I deliver. Please remember, I am
5'8". CRAZY, is all I can say. I have a feeling they will be very very disappointed in me, when I have my final weigh-in. I am not sure how or if I can pull this off, being that I have already gained half of my allotted amount. In America, I am right on track. This will be interesting....Let me tell you where I headed after this day long appointment....a burger joint. I guess the pregancy diet can start tomorrow!

Another difference is that health insurance does not cover maternity care because it is viewed as a natural occurrence, not a medical issue. So... we have to pay out of pocket, then the government will reimburse us (if I can figure how to apply). Today, I had coupon for my first appointment for $80, which I got yesterday, when I registered my pregnancy. Thank god, I did not give up yesterday! I had an office visit, 2 urine samples collected (TMI), blood tests, and a sonogram done for $130. This is without insurance. In American, the ultrasound alone costs $300. It is no wonder people go bankrupt from paying medical bills in America.

And, lastly, their pregnancy calendar is actually 10 months long. They do not use weeks as a dating tool, like we do. I am in my 6 month here!

One of the nice things (I guess it is nice) is that I am getting double the medical treatment. I had another ultrasound today for a quick second and everything was normal. Also, they have to run all of the same tests, as in the U.S., so if there is a mistake somewhere, it is bound to be caught.

It is kind of strange to be back. At the hospital, I was the only foreigner. There were no other non-Asian people, that I saw. Just picture it.... ha ha!

We found a doctor....

Well, not a doctor but a hospital, which is very, very good news in the "having a baby in Japan" department! I went to a different hospital today to check it out. This hospital was highly recommended by David's team doctor and the Ward Office that I went to yesterday to get my Alien Registration Card. It surpassed all of my expectations. The midwife that helped me spoke enough English for us to understand each other; the doctor spoke English very well, and with my limited Japanese, I was even able to understand the nurses. I am soooo happy! It will not cost us an arm and a leg like the other place that I went to, so that is a relief as well. It is kind of ironic because it is Yodogawa Christian Hospital. I left my house at 10am and did not get home until 3:30pm for this first meeting. It took forever. You cannot get an appointment for the first time. So... I had to wait forever. I have an appointment set-up for next time, thank god!

Also, yesterday, at the Ward Office, I had to register my pregnancy and apply for a new immigration card. After going around and around for about an hour and filling out 3 different incorrect applications, we finally got it right! I left at 2pm and did not get home until 6pm. Everything takes forever, when you can't speak the language. When I registered the pregnancy, they informed me that there are childbirth classes for free, I think, so that will be nice. I am going to have to find someone to do the interpretation for me :).

Monday, November 23, 2009

20 weeks!!!

The babe is a banana!!!

I am now officially half way! It is getting a little more real each day. I know that one day, hopefully before the birth :), it will hit me....wham, you are bringing a baby home. Not a puppy, a kitten, or a new bike, but a BABY!!! OOMMMGG!!!

We got our ultrasound results back and everything looks good. I have been waiting patiently for all the results for all of the screening tests that we opted to do and I am very thankful that everything has come back normal; I know not everyone is as lucky. The babe is actually growing a little faster than expected, so I am hoping that it slows down before the birth. His/her little femur is 3.2 cm long! I think it is so cool that we actually know the length of the leg bone. Everything else is going well! Off to register my pregnancy here in Japan and to apply for a new Alien Registration Card, oh....the life of an immigrant!

PS: We have moved from wrist flicking (pertaining to a good shot) to layups. The babe is a very active little one. David has gotten to feel it multiple times and everytime, he is amazed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Also, I wanted to comment on the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife". I read this book about 3 years ago and LOVED IT!!!! I was so excited that the movie was coming out and I wanted to go see it. Of course, as soon as I got on the flight, I checked to see what movies were playing, and this one was one of them. I was soooo excited!!! I got comfortable, apparently really comfortable, you know those two spacious seats that I got, instead of one and fell asleep within 20 minutes. Not a good sign, but hey, I am flying and I will sleep when I can. I figured I would catch it the next time it came on. The flight IS 12 hours long. I will have plenty of opportunities. The next time it came one I was all jazzed and started watching it and bamn...fell asleep again about half of the way through. Now, everyone knows that I am not a movie person. If I am watching a movie past 9pm, I will fall asleep guaranteed. Even at theaters. However, it was in the middle of the day for me and I am falling asleep in one of the most uncomfortable sleeping positions possible to man kind. I am now certain after my second attempt, that this movie sucks! Please don't let the movie guide you away from reading the book! The book was wonderful! On my last flight, I watched 3 movies and stayed awake the whole time. "My Sister's Keeper" was an amazing movie and I heard that it was great book. Go see that instead!

I arrived alive....

Here is my second go of this; my first got erased! I am here at my soon-to-be permanent home that David so graciously cleaned before I got here! I love coming home to a clean house :)! The flight situation had a minor hiccup. My flight from Sac to SF was totally cancelled. I had to hop on a shuttle down to SF and made it in time to catch the flight to Osaka. I will say that the flight to Osaka was one of the best that I have taken because the economy class was not full. I got to have two seats to myself, not one. I was able to curl into a little ball (not sure how I managed it at 5'8" and preggo) but I did and I was able to sleep most of the way laying down on both seats. Usually, that is not the case. Hopefully, the way home will be the same and hopefully, my flight from SF to Sac will be on time. Last time, I arrived in SF at 9:30am and did not leave until 4pm to Sac. I could have driven a rental car, but the airport people kept saying that the flight would be leaving in 30 minutes, so I kept waiting. I swear it is either my luggage (which happened almost every time I flew home last time I lived there), late flights, or cancelled flights. Don't travel with me, if you have a choice :).

Once I got to the train station, I found a cab driver, who spoke zero English and had to explain to him where the apartment was, not having been there for a month, and not really knowing where it was myself. He kept asking if I had a phone number to call. I should have given him David's, another English speaker, that would have been funny. With the two of our brains combined, he and I were able to navigate a fairly quick route to the apartment, which brought me great relief. I am not sure how this is going work next time when I am 6 months pregnant with two huge suitcases; YIKES, I care not to think about it! I only have to make this trip 3 more times, AGGHHH! I got all settled in at about 7:30pm, in time to watch David's game on the computer (yes, he is in Okinawa right now) and they won. He had 15 points and 6 rebounds. It was a very very close stress inducing game for me. I was exhausted afterwards and just hit the sack. I got up at 6am. Not too bad for jet lag. The 2nd day is always the hardest for me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Team Pink or Blue.....

More like Team Green!!! David and I chose a long long time ago to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, so today at my big ultrasound, I did not find out. I figure there is no other surprise in life like this surprise, so why not just let it be. I am pretty sure I saw something though, which obviously means Team Blue...We will see in April though.

I have to be honest as well. The tech put a good "sex" picture in an envelope for me. I don't want to find out, but I would like some gender specific clothes on hand, when he/she is born, so I may give someone the envelope and some $$$ to go shopping. My mom can bring it in April, if that is what I decide to do. If not, we will open it in April to check the pic that the tech took. Sooo....if something changes before April and I am dying to know, I have the option :). Here are some pics....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emily felt it...

The other night we were laying in bed, yes we sleep together, often (I like the company and her bed is so comfy), and the babe started flicking his/her wrists, practicing for when he/she is on the court, and Emily was able to feel the movement. It was so cool. We just looked at each other really quick and she said, "Was that it?" I said, "YEP!!!" For some reason I have always loved feeling babies tumble around from the outside. To know what it feels like on the inside and to have someone else feel that same movement is soooo cool. I was always so amazed, when I could feel other babies. Now I can feel my own. It is a crazy crazy world.

And yes the reference to flicking the wrists is for a basketball player. Most people say kicks and link it to a soccer player. Soccer is too cold of a sport for me. It is in the late winter and it is outside. I am going to push for basketball, so yes, we have a wrist flicker. David is so proud, I am sure...:).

3 days....

Three more days and I am off. I CANNOT wait!!!!! I just have to get a test in Micro, my big ultrasound (get to see the brain, heart, kidneys, and genitals-if we choose, which I will not), put together a portfolio for speech, a presentation in Micro, a presentation in Speech, and a paper in Speech all done. WHEW!!! I am already exhausted just typing all of that stuff. Can't wait for this week to be over. Then I will really be on my way!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Apple Hill...

Just got back from Apple Hill. This is what I ate to today. Please don't judge. I am about to throw up thinking about it.

Animal Crackers and Diet Coke
Philly Cheese Steak, Potato Salad, and Sprite
Carmel Apple, Apple Crumb Donut, Hot Chocolate and Whip Cream, and a Carmel Popcorn Ball

I think the babe may have diabetes....And, I hope Mr. Health doesn't see this :).

Apple Hill was great. I got the cutest tye-die onesie. I love it. There was so much good stuff to buy, but it was sooo cold at the first place. I would recommend going early next year and definately hit up some of the wineries on the way. It is a beautiful drive. All the fall colors. I may want to open up my own apple farm.

Oh and a bird pooed on my head. It was gross and makes me hate birds even more.

Friday, November 13, 2009

10 second tidbits

I have a ton of homework to do this weekend. :(....

I have 5 weeks of school left, YAAAHHH!!!

The reunion is coming together nicely....Everyone has done such a great job!

I get to see my husband in 7 days.

I have been feeling movement for about 3 days. I am getting excited.

I found my baby carrier which made me very very happy.

I get to go to Apple Hill for the first time ever, tomorrow.

I get to eat a caramel apple tomorrow. My favorite!!!

My belly is growing= very tight pants and belly band.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

18 weeks-The size of a bell pepper

Last couple of weeks...

The last couple of weekends have been filled with fun and some exciting news. First off, one of my best friends, Paula, got engaged. Her bf, now fiance, Joe, had told us (her close girlfriends) about the proposal and planned for us to be at his house to celebrate after he popped the question on the Wine Train, yes, very romantic....Sooo.. Sarah, Alison, and I drove down to Benica to surprise Paula and to celebrate the exciting news, with sparkling cider no less! On the way down, Paula called each us separately to tell us that Joe proposed. It was so cute! We were cracking up because she didn't know that we would see her in about 20 minutes. I can't wait for August 21st. I am already so excited about all the planning too!

Other than Paula's proposal, which was the most exciting thing that happened over the last couple of weeks, well shoot....last couple of months, I have just been busy with school. I hit a little slump, which always happens around this time. Yes, I would know, because it seems like I am always "back" in school. I am feeling recharged and ready to finish the
semester strong. THEN, move to Japan, which will be the best Christmas present.

On Halloween I went Trick or Treating with Nate and Taylor. After Nate's bucket was full he started telling people that he had enough candy and didn't want anymore. Leah and I told him to be quiet and take what they would give him, yes.. I have a huge sweet tooth, especially right now. Yah, I know, my outfit is a little weird/hookerish. I figured it's Halloween, so I can rock what ever I want and I won't be able to dress like this for very much longer, so I might as well do it while I still can. Plus, I love turquoise and I love lace tights....Could I even ask for more????

I included some pics of the events...Oh and David sent me flowers, which made my month! And, here is 3D pic (a little disturbing, and this was the best one) at 15 weeks.