Friday, October 22, 2010

Pearly whites...

Pretty sure some pearly whites will be popping through in no time...Well, I hope in no time...My baby hurts..It's so sad :(...

Preston is headed home...

Haha...So we will be off again in about a week, headed to the lovely island of Okinawa. I am pretty excited, since we have vacationed, yes, that's right, vacationed there before and now we get to live there! It is very tropical with snorkeling and scuba diving at our finger tips. Also, it is totally Americanized because of the US bases (not sure if that is a good or bad thing), so it will be a little different for us, since we are used to straight-up Japan.

Temperature right now....84 and sunny! Life will be good, except that this is the one year that I have been jonesing for the cooler weather. I am just so excited!!!

How could I not be excited about this???
These are from our vaycay in 2007.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


We celebrated two birthdays this past weekend...My friend, Jen's, and my dad's...Champagne bruch for Jen's and McCormick and Schmick for my dad's. Both were fun and delicous.

 Preston had his first kiss from the cutest little girl ever...She was so nice. He kept pushing her and hitting her chest and she kept saying, "He tickle me, he tickle me."
 The fam
At the bar

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back on track...

Two poos in 8 days....Whoop whoop..I am so proud of you, P.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Happy Pants & Mr.Into Everything

Our baby is so happy now that he is sleeping...He only cries when he is tired and not even usually when he is hungry because I don't think he is ever hungry, since he is still eating ALL.OF.THE.TIME. I just love these little pajamas. And, now that he is a little more mobile, he scoots around somehow and finds little things to get into...He loves cords that are attached to stuff because he loves to pull them...Here he found daddy's PS3..YIKES!

Pumpkin Patch...

We went exactly a week ago..This fun day included two aunties, one hay ride, numerous carmel apples, dust, corn dogs, monster pumpkins, and the cutest niece and nephew that anyone has ever seen! P was watching the people instead of the animals the whole time...And, he loved the hay ride because he wanted to eat the hay. 

 The one of two smiles that we saw the entire day...As long as he is not crying, I assume he is happy. To see the other smile, check out Leah's Facebook.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A lunch date with great-grandma & grandpa

We had lunch with Blanche and Norman, David's grandparents. They hadn't seen P in a while so they were very excited to spend some time with him. He was able to show off his new skill of hands-free sitting. They were quite amazed.

P & Great Grandpa Norman

I'm measuring....

Mold in my water bottle..How long have I been drinking it like? Makes me want to throw-up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big boopa...

Big Boopa is one of Preston's many nicknames...That may be the first time I have actually typed Preston on the blog...Its because he has so many great nicknames..Little Prince, P, Big Boopa, Sweet P, etc...

Big Boopa is getting too big for his cradle...
We need to get out of here or buy a crib.

Big Boopa thinks he is such a big boy now that he can sit.

Big Boopa loves to hold his bottle even if he can't get anything out

Big Boopa thinks he is old enough to watch sports with daddy.

Big Boopa is not quite big enough for the full "rollover" move.
This is as close as it gets right now..To the side, to the back, to the side, to the back. And, this is mommy and daddy trying to teach him to rollover.
Wasn't he supposed to be doing that last month? :)


We had such a nice weekend...We went house shopping on Friday, went to the park, ate a huge delicious hamburger and milkshake lunch, and celebrated Joe's 30th on Saturday, and had Tarn over for dinner on Sunday. We actually had things to do..It was fun! Joe pretty much summed up life...We were giving him a hard time about turning 30 and his rebuttal was, "You're not old until you're married with kids." BURN.....However, I could not agree more...Having a child ages you like 5 years, I swear!!! I had a couple drinks, came home at midnight, and was exhausted the entire next day...My God, who have I become...Midnight is too late now, YIKES!!!

Little Man


The Happy Couple
(even though Joe looks like he is going to slit his throat) :)

The Girls

Birthday Boy

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Two solid naps=Good day
Putting to bed at night time & for naps without a peep=Great day
Sleeping until morning=Glorious...(Not there yet though :)

I can dream can't I. Today Preston went to sleep three times (2 naps &1 at bedtime) without out a peep. I just layed him down, gave him his blankie, he snuggled itnand I left. It was amazing...This is the first time ever that all three went smoothly. Yeah for him!  I actually prefer him to take naps and go to sleep easily, than sleep through the night...If he naps, I will take as many night wakings as he needs. Good job today, P!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the hunt...

David and I just recently started looking for a mini-castle for the little prince...This is hard work...I always thought it would be so fun to start shopping for homes before I actually had to do it. We have been driving around different neighborhoods and if the house passes the neighborhood test, then we put it on our list...Yesterday, we were out from 1:30pm to 6:20pm looking at houses. Poor P was so tired of being in his car seat all day. We could live in a dumpster for all he cares..As long as he has food and a place to rest his head, he is happy. It is also about a lot of compromise. David and I have entirely different things that are important to us and I have a hard time looking past the cosmetics of a house, even though that can be changed so easily...Hopefully, we will find something in the near future...I just don't know if I will be able to pull the trigger, if I don't love it and I won't love it, until we can do our own thing in it and we can't do that, until we pull the trigger...AAAGGGHHH!