Friday, December 28, 2012

7 months

Top 10 at 7 months...

1. Is pulling herself up and cruising around low
2. Loves to eat finger foods (toast, cheese, rice, small pieces of chicken).
3. Does not have any teeth yet.
4. Is pooping twice a day.
5. Is still a mama's girl, like "I don't want her out of my sight/no one else can hold me".
6. Crawls everywhere at lightening speed. The house needs to be baby proofed STAT!
7. Waves. She has done a purposeful wave but its not frequent.
8. Is happy riding in the stroller for much longer now, but still loves being in the Ergo.
9. Has drank about 5 bottles in her lifetime.
10. Drinks like a champ from her sippy cup.  
11. Wracked up some more international miles on her United Mileage Plus account.
12. Claps.

Preston got her ready for the photo shoot..He knew exactly what to do, hence the lopsided 7 ;).

 My baby girl

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas in Japan

We did Christmas celebrations early, so David could see the kids open presents in person..One thing that Skype can't quite convey..Christmas morning excitement. It was a long, long process since Preston wanted to open each toy after he unwrapped it. The kids were happy as clams! They must have been good this year.

Preston putting the star on our "Japanese" Christmas tree 

Preston doing his advent calander
(that I so lovingly hand-sewed...Just call me Martha).
Each day he got a treat and had to do something kind.

Christmas craft

Our stockings (I had a sewing maching for these).
I am very, very rusty.

Santa came!!!

Opening their loot

Best Dad Award goes to.....David for buying the most obnoxious toy ever....
Everytime it moves the siren goes off and it shoots real water...SSSWWWEEETTTT!

Play time before practice

Happy babies

The after mess=Successful Christmas