Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad mom...

So my son totally laughs, when he farts. I am not sure when he figured out that he was making that sound but now he knows and he thinks it is funny. I am (unintentionally) reinforcing this behavior by laughing my head off every time it happens. I can't help but laugh when he is standing there farting and laughing...Oh and we call it "passing gas", the fast kids say fart, ha ha ha ha!

He also started clapping the other day! FINALLY!! I swear I have been trying to get him to clap forever...I sing If your Happy and You Know It and Clap Clap Clap your Hands Together to him all of the time and he just dances. He finally clapped but he hasn't learned to make the clap noise yet, so it is not very reinforcing for him...Once he makes that noise, I am sure he will be clapping non-stop, because he loves anything that is loud. Farts included. Opps...Gas included.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I haven't really posted about the earthquake due to the fact that I really do not know what to write. I have not had a chance to really sit down and try to put what I feel into words. I can't watch the news without crying. I can't read MSN news without crying. Pretty much anything related to Japan, besides talking to David, makes me feel sick to my stomach and tear up. Though I only knew one person from Sendai (a basketball player, who happened to be on his way out of town for an away game), I have a deep connection to Japan and to the people there. I moved there in a very formative time in my life (just after graduating college) and truly found myself over there. I gained a confidence in myself that I didn't have prior to living there. Moving overseas with nothing but a boyfriend will really teach you to be self-reliant. I found great success and am quite proud of the life that I was able to establish while I was there. I have so many happy memories of my friends, my family (real and quasi-real basketball family), my work, and most importantly, my son, from my time there. I owe so much of that to the wonderful people that I met and the kind people who constantly helped me. I had never experienced such kindness from strangers in my life. I hold a very special place in my heart for the country and I will always feel that way, being that my first child was born there.  I think about those who have been affected and hope that the kindness that they have shown to people in need, like myself, is paid back to them at this most difficult time in their lives. I wish that I could do more than donate money. I wish I could search for survivors or even bodies to help families gain closure. I wish I could provide medical care or care for the elderly who have been displaced. There is so much that needs to be done. I look at the pictures of the cities that have been washed away. Literally, towns were washed away. Can you imagine fleeing in your car, not sure if you were going to beat the wave? Or wondering if your 89 year old grandmother was able to get out?  I just feel such sadness for the country and helplessness for myself. Many of the basketball players have left and some of the wives of the players who are staying have left as well. David plans to stay as long as the radiation is not in Okinawa and as long as the league continues on. I am proud of his decision and I hope that it shows a little bit of our appreciation to the people there. Though we are not able to directly help out with hands, I hope that our hearts show our love and support for the people of Japan. They are facing extraordinary challenges that will haunt them for generations.

I have included a link on the side for the American Red Cross if you are interested in donating. Thank you ahead of time for supporting a place that has been and will probably continue to be so wonderful to me and my little family.

Lucky me....

I got my first unsolcited kiss yesterday..He even surprised me with another one and has been giving them out like candy today...I shed tears of joy....It felt good to have happy tears, instead of sad ones.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 months..

I am so glad we only have 1 more picure to take...These have become quite the ordeal...He has now outsmarted the sticker.

 As always, right on mommy's lap, where he is the happiest.

Top 10 at 11 months

1. gets into a standing position on his own and has taken one very wobbly step
2. has new dance moves (one hand up in the air, while bouncing & both hands up a little bit, while bouncing & head bangs, I swear)
3. gives high fives & waves like a crazy man all of the time & plays peekaboo
4. climbs off the couch by himself
5. knows words and will point to the them
6. follows very simple instructions like, "give mama her marker." He picked it out of all of his toys and gave it to me.
7. has had bronchitis, an ear infection, pink eye, and the stomache flu all in the last month
8. is officially without a doubt sleeping through the night..WHOOO HOOO! Didn't have to CIO, thank god!
9. shower time for mommy is not fun. P cant stand when I am in the shower...He comes to the door, cries, and bangs on it until I open it. Then he sticks his head in and cries, while I shower.  He is usually soaking by the time I am done.
10. loves to ride around on my dad's lap and loves to be pushed by himself in the wheelchair & his blue ball is his #1 still
11. does not sleep at daycare again.....often times it is 20 minutes in a whole day...NOT OK..
12. will roll the ball back and forth to a playmate.
13. has tantrums that include arching the back and kicking his legs..haven't had any fists pounding on the floor...just on our faces.  Emily gets most of it. She says he is down right mean.
14. IS THE FUNNIEST LITTLE PERSON EVER!!!!! His personality is like an open book...There is no guessing with him.

The past month...

P's fancy dancy first Valentine's Day shirt. We went to The Ranch House with the 6 of us...So romantic! P got his blue ball and bubble bath for V-day...hahaha, so easy to please!

 My birthday celebration minus Paula and Joe. We had a mini, mini, mini last minute champy brunch in Yuba Duba. It was perfect.

Little prince and the Queen :)

 Norman's 94th birthday and his and Blanche's 69th wedding anniversary...
That deserves a double OMG and WOW..69 years!!!

 Nate and P

My little girl thanks to Auntie Ems...
She swears he sat still and loved when she blew on his fingernails

 Cranky face that I have been seeing constantly recently...EHHHHHHH, i hate life..He has been super clingy, which I am attributing to his sickness for the past month, going to daycare, and his old man personality. You should see me every morning trying to get dressed, with him in my arms or going to the bathroom with him on my lap....Hilarious...yeah right!

 Happy St.Patrick's Day with mommy in her scrubs

 With grandpa and his St. Paddy's Day cookie...Munching down! He loved the corned beef and cabbage!

Time flies..

I have not posted in one whole month..Shame on me! This is the longest that I have gone not posting..It makes me sad. We have had so many tears and so many laughs that I hate not documenting it all. It just gets overwhelming, which is the story of my life. Moving about in a state of constant overwhelmedness/panic....I will be so happy on December 16th, when I graduate....I have never experienced anything so difficult/stressful/time-sucking/headache inducing. It really is amazing what they can pack into one year...really, really amazing and they have left NOTHING out. I am still enjoying it though, which seems surprising with how often I cry :). I love learning about how the body works and what to look for in certain disorders. It is just so crazy how the body works. We do everything and I love it! This last week I actually had to care for two patients, which was a big jump from one patient. There is definitely a lot of time management that occurs in order to be successful. Tomorrow I am headed to the OR for the day. WHOO HOOO!