Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 months

Top 10 at 5 months...
1. Up on all fours rocking...Insane! She is just a little peanut!
2. Sits completely unassissted and is able to get into the sitting position from lying or on all fours.
3. Is eating oatmeal and LOVES LOVES LOVES it!
4. Big toe sucking is her new favorite pastime.
5. Seems to be more content the more mobile she becomes.
6. Will be phasing out the 3rd nap some time soon.
7. Knows her name.
8. Had a run of fussiness that we hadn't seen before. I'm attributing it to Wonder Week 19. It climaxed in this month and when it was done it was done.
9. Has finally stopped reacting to Preston's advances by flinching or jumping.
10. Really, really loves her mama!
About to take off

Yummy big toe

Preston's idea of fun...I guess she likes it too!

Big girl sitting up alone

Ridem' cowboy


Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Ready!!!

Ha ha ha...Get ready for my blog come back. Step 1...Get pics off camera, DONE...Step 2...Organize pics so I can actually find and upload pertinent ones, DONE...Step 3..Go through of the pics taken over the last 3 months and decide which things I am going to blog about, DONE...Step 4...Choose the pics for each new post, NOT DONE :(...Step 5..Actually blog and upload pics, NOT DONE :(.

I am making progress...If the blog stays up to date, Steps 1 through 3 are not needed, which makes the process soooo much more manageable, especially when the last 3 months include the birth of a baby and two international moves....wahhhhh, why do I always do this....Oh well, it will be up to date at some point in the near future and I will be so so so happy!