Friday, December 28, 2012

7 months

Top 10 at 7 months...

1. Is pulling herself up and cruising around low
2. Loves to eat finger foods (toast, cheese, rice, small pieces of chicken).
3. Does not have any teeth yet.
4. Is pooping twice a day.
5. Is still a mama's girl, like "I don't want her out of my sight/no one else can hold me".
6. Crawls everywhere at lightening speed. The house needs to be baby proofed STAT!
7. Waves. She has done a purposeful wave but its not frequent.
8. Is happy riding in the stroller for much longer now, but still loves being in the Ergo.
9. Has drank about 5 bottles in her lifetime.
10. Drinks like a champ from her sippy cup.  
11. Wracked up some more international miles on her United Mileage Plus account.
12. Claps.

Preston got her ready for the photo shoot..He knew exactly what to do, hence the lopsided 7 ;).

 My baby girl

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas in Japan

We did Christmas celebrations early, so David could see the kids open presents in person..One thing that Skype can't quite convey..Christmas morning excitement. It was a long, long process since Preston wanted to open each toy after he unwrapped it. The kids were happy as clams! They must have been good this year.

Preston putting the star on our "Japanese" Christmas tree 

Preston doing his advent calander
(that I so lovingly hand-sewed...Just call me Martha).
Each day he got a treat and had to do something kind.

Christmas craft

Our stockings (I had a sewing maching for these).
I am very, very rusty.

Santa came!!!

Opening their loot

Best Dad Award goes to.....David for buying the most obnoxious toy ever....
Everytime it moves the siren goes off and it shoots real water...SSSWWWEEETTTT!

Play time before practice

Happy babies

The after mess=Successful Christmas

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 months

Top 10 at 6 months....
1. We have a crawler!!!
2. She had her first Christmas and she got 2. One in Japan and one in America.  
3. Experienced her first real playdate with her American friends.
4. Started eating rice crackers that she can hold on to.
5. Experienced jet lag for the first time.
6. Screamed the longest and hardest that I have ever seen. Even Lala wouldn't babysit her after witnessing it. Too bad that happended at the start of my trip home.
7. Still hates the car seat...2.5 hours of screaming the whole way home from the airport.
8. Had her first minor cold/sickness.
9. Held her own bottle and drank 2 oz..progress!!!
10. Is waking up at all hours of the night many times to nurse :(.
Chewing on an apple

Playing in crib while mommy does chores. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 months

Top 10 at 5 months...
1. Up on all fours rocking...Insane! She is just a little peanut!
2. Sits completely unassissted and is able to get into the sitting position from lying or on all fours.
3. Is eating oatmeal and LOVES LOVES LOVES it!
4. Big toe sucking is her new favorite pastime.
5. Seems to be more content the more mobile she becomes.
6. Will be phasing out the 3rd nap some time soon.
7. Knows her name.
8. Had a run of fussiness that we hadn't seen before. I'm attributing it to Wonder Week 19. It climaxed in this month and when it was done it was done.
9. Has finally stopped reacting to Preston's advances by flinching or jumping.
10. Really, really loves her mama!
About to take off

Yummy big toe

Preston's idea of fun...I guess she likes it too!

Big girl sitting up alone

Ridem' cowboy


Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Ready!!!

Ha ha ha...Get ready for my blog come back. Step 1...Get pics off camera, DONE...Step 2...Organize pics so I can actually find and upload pertinent ones, DONE...Step 3..Go through of the pics taken over the last 3 months and decide which things I am going to blog about, DONE...Step 4...Choose the pics for each new post, NOT DONE :(...Step 5..Actually blog and upload pics, NOT DONE :(.

I am making progress...If the blog stays up to date, Steps 1 through 3 are not needed, which makes the process soooo much more manageable, especially when the last 3 months include the birth of a baby and two international moves....wahhhhh, why do I always do this....Oh well, it will be up to date at some point in the near future and I will be so so so happy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

4 months

Top 10 at 4 months...
1. Is rolling both directions now.
2. Isn't a big smiler for pictures. Smiles a lot otherwise.
3. Loves to mouth food.
4. Squeals!
5. Can scoot backwards on her belly.
6. Takes 3 naps, but the third is a doozy trying to get her to go down.
7. Is grabbing for her toys and shaking her rattles.
8. Is so much more aware and interactive.
9. Nurses ALL.THE.TIME.
10. Is as sweet as pie!

Wearing T-T's shoes

Apple time

More loves

Playtime with Daddy and brother


Under the couch...Help me!

I got it!

Reading time

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 months...

Top 10 at 3 months...
1. Blowing bubbles/raspberries.
2. Had an unexpected overnight stay in Korea.
3. Can do the tripod..barely.
4. Gets everything to her mouth.
5. Sucks her thumb. Has done it on and off. It is not a regular occurence, but it happens often.
6. Is finally starting to get a little fat on her legs.
7. Loves sitting in the bumbo for short amounts of time, especially when she gets to look at herself in the mirror.
8. Is NO LONGER SLEEPING AT NIGHT....The jet lag changed that sweet schedule...Who knows when we will get back to our sweet schedule we were on before we flew home :(.....
9. Went to her first basketball game! GOOO HANNARYZZZ!!!
10. Rolls from her tummy to back, which means she wakes up 100x times each to be rolled back over.
11. Is talking up a storm!

Eating Mr. Froggy...Usually it's her hands.

Tripod, whoop whoop!

So cute!

Big brother harrasssing her :)

On the plane


Saturday, July 28, 2012

2 months

Wearing some 0-3 and some 3-6 months clothes
Top 10 at 2 months....
1. Has flown half way across the world.
2. Has finally met all of her family.
3. Is sleeping in 8 hour stretches (10pm-6am).
4. Has screamed so loud that the neighbors filed a complaint with the landlord.
5. Has now realized that her overly doting brother puts her life in danger every 5 minutes, so she is constantly flinching or jumping. She is scared for her life!
6. Breastfeeding like an old pro.
7. Is smiling!!!
8. Prefers sleeping in her cradle to anywhere else.
9. Likes bathtime and doesn't mind being naked afterwards.
10. Gets dressed up like a doll constantly just for the sake of getting her picture taken.
11. Holds head up well.
On the flight home :)

Brotherly love

Meeting the cousins

First smiles

Ity bitty teenie weanie ruffly bikini


Thursday, June 28, 2012

1 month

Wearing 0-3 months
Top 10 at 1 month...
1. Already has a passport.
2. Looks like a little froggy..Skinniest legs ever and biggest belly ever.
3. Looks just like her T-T
4. Is very patient with her "overly excited to touch, kiss, poke, hold, love on" brother.
5. Sleeps like a champ...Just started doing 5 hour stretches, which is INSANE for 1 month old.
6. HATES, HATES, HATES the car seat still.
7. Likes to be put down to sleep. (Doesn't prefer to be held).
8. Had two people (La-la and T-T) fly across the world to meet her
9. CANNOT keep a phi-phi in her mouth, but likes it if someone holds it there.
10. Has travelled to the most important parts of Okinawa.
11. Can hold her head up somewhat.
Doting brother


Sunset Beach

 Castle Ruins