Monday, January 28, 2013

8 months

Top 10 at 8 months..

1. Finally started babbling....mostly nana, nom, dada, mama
2. Throws mini-tantrums when she is having to do something she doesn't want to do (e.g.: bath, diaper changes, etc)..Comes with a full back arch and wailing limbs. 
3. Helps get dressed by pushing her arms through her sleaves. 
4. dances the same humpity dance that Preston did as soon as I start singing anything. 
5. Is napping horribly! Always goes down twice a day and lately it has been for no more than an hour with 45 minutes being the norm.  Boooo!!! BUT.....(#6 might explain why)
6. Is sleeping from 6:30 pm to 8 am...It is pure CRAZINESS...Not sure if it is a growing spurt or what. To be clear that is NOT non-stop...A good night is twice and a bad night is upwards of 5 times. 
7. Loves her daddy. 
8. Said "mama" when she was in the tub and wanted out. And said "dada" while looking right at David. 
9. Favorite game=screaming match with brother. all kinds of noises, some of which ar 
10. Has a rudimentary pincer grasp. 
11. Is so, so, so busy...Into everything everywhere....
12. Took 3oz from a bottle. Is definitely a boob baby still. No bottle=no weaning from the bottle..The one upside to a child who won't take a bottle. 


Bath time with Brother..Was a horror show in about 10 seconds, but I got this cute pic before the "pouring water on baby's head" event started

First time with spaghetti=SUCCESS

 With her daddy

 My little Japanese baby