Saturday, January 29, 2011


P and I went to the zoo right before Christmas. There was a little petting zoo and Preston went crazy! He loved the little chicks and the guinea pigs...Both of which I hate, but I sucked up my bird phobia and held a little chick so my son could pet it. He tried to wring the first one's neck but with the second one he put out his little pointer finger and stuck it in its fur. He was so happy....I need to find someone who lives on a farm ASAP.

Seeing old friends..

Jen...Due Feb 6th!!! YEAHH!!!!

Don't mind Preston's yellow face....


 Baby Austin..Look at those cheeks! I love them.

Two peas in a Pod

Cute little rumps!

Christmas in Yuba Duba..

Ready to open gifts

Auntie helping P open his blocks

 Christmas dinner...This was 4th take and it still turned out bad.

Checking out his loot

Christmas in Japan...

We celebrated Christmas three times this year....Whoo hoo!
Christmas Day (Dec 25th) with Dee

Christmas Morning (Dec 28th)

The Family

Girl's Valentine's Day shirt mommy felted...Poor boy.
At least it wasn't the dog vest!

 Pulling down the Christmas tree...Good catch!

P loves Mr. Squeaky Rabbit...
But not the man who sat next to us on the plane.

Helping daddy open gifts!

Mr. Excited, ha ha

 Christmas dinner at a sushi restaurant!

A pictoral history of the last month...

First real hairdo..Emily did it to him and I almost had a heart attack.
She took away my baby!

 Those hammy hocks are still large and in charge.

 Crazy man....Little motorcycle rider...
This is the toy that he was standing on the seat of.

My car :(.... 

xO First kissXo

Photo shoot with  Auntie

The zookeeper and his pet

Bath time

 Getting into things while mommy works

Happy boy

The little prince is a mini King

9 months...

My baby is getting so big!!! He becoming quite a little man these days. He is so independent and definitely only wants to do things that he wants to do. And, you always know if it is something he is happy or unhappy about doing. He has never had any problem telling us what he wants. The crying all day days are long behind us now, which has made each day better and better. I know that he cried a lot because I have had numerous people tell me that "he is a different baby now and that he seems so much happier than before." This is a change just between November when I left for Japan and now. I couldn't agree more. And, I know I wasn't going crazy when I thought he cried more and slept less than the average bear.

 One of the out takes that makes me smile
Mommy forgot what month we were on...
Took about 100 pictures with 10 month sticker on!

Fish face

Weight: 21 pounds 11 ounces 70%
Height: 29 inches 75%
Wearing mostly 12 month and some 18 month clothes

Top 10 at 9 Months!
1. Is cruising around the furniture constantly.
2. Is obsessed with the cat. We are so mean; we don't feed her right away because then she talks to Preston more through the glass.
3. Eats like a man. Eggs, waffles, raviolis, veggies from soup, toasted English muffins...Literally, anything we put in front of him. And, he eats A LOT.
4. Goes to daycare....I don't really like this, but what are you going to do, and I am very very happy to be back in school, doing something again.
5. Is a master imitator..Imitates hands up and down, patting his legs, bouncy bouncy, and the noises we make.
6. Is impossible to get dressed and change his diaper...I change his diaper, while he is standing 85% of the time....We call him a Wiggle Tail (Lala made up that name).
7. Naked Baby Time is his favorite time of the day. He is so energized after his bath because he knows naked baby time is coming.
8. Had his first bloody lip. And he still only  has 2 teeth!!!
9. Understands "No" verbally and in sign language.
10. Loves to play chase...Doesn't matter if he is the chased or the chaser.
+1. My favorite thing he does: Crawls to me and tries to crawl up my leg, when he wants to be held. How can I ever tell him no? I can't.

Slow down baby boy!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to breathe......

Wheewww. It has been a seriously crazy month...I finally feel  like I am back in control, which is where I feel most comfortable. The car accident was deemed "not my fault (," so insurance will be paying for  everything including PT for my neck, which I am hoping includes some type of massage. David just arrived home from Okinawa (on the way home from the airport as we speak) to have his shoulder checked out by his orthopedic surgeon and his physical therapist. I am am so thankful that he will be home to help out for 2 weeks. I am definitely going to be catching up on my sleep. Pulling 5-6 hours per night is not conducive to good nursing, good parenting, or being a good student. We are not sure what will be happening with basketball from this point forward. I don't think there is a return flight scheduled (scary), but as we all know, things in the basketball world happen differently than in the real world, so he is planning on returning to Japan on the 8th. I finally have my stuff organized and put away and I am sure my mother is very thankful for that. The last 4 weeks have looked like a "Michelle BOMB" exploded all over the house. I swear having a baby makes you move from one activity to the next without time to clean-up the first one. Maybe that is not the case for everyone, but it is definitely the case for me. I have so many pictures to upload (Christmas... so sad, I know). I just want to make sure they make it in the "Family Photo Album/Blog," so I need to get them on here STAT (:)...medical term...means NOW), so I can just move on. I just keep perseverating on it.

Here's an old one of the Little Prince

Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's just say...

my nose is just above the water...I am feeling like I may just need to run around and scream...The transition home has been hellacious to say the least....Leaving my husband, starting school, putting my baby in daycare, dealing with a pretty serious car accident, a serious injury not related to the car accident, getting over jet lag, having my baby get over jet lag, single parenting, living with my parents (not hellacious but a transition), etc. The list could go on. This has all occurred in the last 2 weeks.....I am emotionally spent...Hopefully, once the "transition" is over, I can just live, without a bunch of other stuff happening. I don't think I can handle one more thing. Woe is me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New record...

Preston on the boob for 3 hours straight last night awake and he only slept for an hour and half last night...sweet! Jet lag is a pain in the butt!!! My brain is mush and my patience is almost 0...

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, I made it home safely in one piece and am suffering the drags of jet lag with an 8 month old who is suffering right along with me; however, he seems to be on a different time schedule....Pictures and more pictures of our 2nd Christmas to come... School starts in 2 days...whoop whoop...And, I miss my husband more than anyone will ever know...One positive side to the jetlag is that I am up watching him play ball right now.  GO DAVID!!!!