Sunday, February 26, 2012


Now after looking at all these old pics, I miss my hair and I miss little prince's hair...I was starting to like his new do...Man, why did I listen to David!!!!

New Years Eve!!!

New Years Eve was nothing to write home about...Everything changes when you have one child AND you are pregnant. We had a nice dinner after Preston was in bed, watched Modern Family, and I fell asleep at 10pm..I was still exhausted from all of the traveling and wanted nothing more than to SLEEP.


Preston got to see Santa twice this year and loved it both times...After his heart attack last year, he wised up and realized who brings all the good gifts...I think he thought he was his great-grandpa or something. He just looked at him and looked at the camera...Looked back at him and then looked at the camera...It was as if he was saying, "This guy is pretty chill."

Pancake Breakfast with Santa

Hey, I kinda like you 

With Santa..Such a good boy!

First face painting

Christmas Park in Penryn
If you have young kids, DO THIS ONCE! It was so fun! Horsey rides, Santa, carriage rides, a llittle pony show, and lots of room to roam...I have now added Penryn to my Zip Realty preferences :).

Christmas 2011
Preston's loot from Santa

 His most prized toy!

 Annual matching PJs with sissy

 Melts my heart!

Opening his rain boots..didn't realize his pants were missing until just now...Ha ha! Our little nudist!

He could NOT wait to get inside this..He was trying to climb in as we were putting it together..I think he thought I bought him a real cart or something..As soon as he felt how uncomfortable it was on his ogreish 1.5 year old frame, he started saying "OOOWWWWWW!!!" 

Chirstmas in Japan
David really went all out for us...This is what we walked into on the 28th at about midnight from the airport. It was so sweet!
Preston hopped on his trike immediately and woke up in the middle of the night looking for it, ready to play.

.Christmas in Japan-139 140..

December fun!

Mom's Birthday!

We had an amazing dinner at Paragary's. The polenta was to DIE for!

Piggy Piggy Poo Poo getting his creme brule on...Of course, he loves it!

Mr. Christmas just chatting...Halllo! 

Sweet face

 Helping decorate the Christmas Tree..ha ha, or just tangling the lights!

 The LaSalle's Annual Christmas Brunch!!! Love it and look forward to it every year!

 All the girls...YCHS POWER...OR TB POWER + Paula and Brooke

Austin mean mugging...Never seen this face before!

Preston and Jason=LOVE
Preston loves Mike (his uncle) and Jason...Like, loves them..He has never been the same way with anyone else as his with them..Not sure if he has "cool" intuition or what.....He just loves them! 


With Paula, loving the rocking zebra
First time for everything, right?

 Gingerbread House decorating...Pretty sure he was eating, while I was decorating!

Sarah and Jason's Cookie Party


Sadly, I have no pictures on my computer from November compared to the other months. Thanksgiving was a small, intimate affair the day after as always. I worked at the hospital the actual day of and had a good, free, Thanksgiving meal there as well. Overall, it must have been a crazy month because I can't remember anything and really don't even remember the five pictures I took. I can judge where my insanity was each month by looking at the number of pictures that I took. Many pictures=getting by in nursing school, few pictures=probably losing it every other day and lots of tears...November must have been a bad, bad month.

Christmas Card Picture

Favorite Activity...Driving..He thinks he is soooooo cool! 
Look at that concentration 

Helping Grandpa rake, using a cane...Hmmmmm! He loves canes too! 

Surprise! 21 weeks!

This was quite the surprise indeed....WOWZZERS...We are talking surprise as in myocardial infarction when that little word came up. This blog would have been much more interesting to say the least if I wasn't typing it 5 months late. I am so looking forward to June 8th and can't wait for Preston to have a baby sister or brother (seriously, this is what I am most excited about).

21 weeks....Feeling good!

Other fun in October!

Race Day
First 5k Walking/Carrying Preston the entire way!!!
I think that was more of a workout than if I had run it...Thank god for Paula and Heather!!!

 Cutest little man around

 Snail Lover....YUCK!!!!

 Kiddie Gymnastics...He loved it!

 First In & Out..Mommy had to share hers...:(. Such a man!

Halloween Festivites

Preston's Pumpkin Carving

Halloween 2011

Preston was so tired after daycare that he slept for about 3 hours. We went trick or treating so LATE!

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm
Petting Zoo

 Ti Ti and P .....small smile!

 Me mid-snap trying to get him to look and smile at the camera...Oh well!
On the hay ride

With his very own pumpkin

On train ride

What mommy does when a smile isn't cracked the whole day? She just makes one. Second year in a row with no smiles at the pumpkin patch...Maybe I should take a hint.

Sweet..My kid is the weirdo licking the chicken coop...A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

Feeding the goats

Petting (or barely touching or torturing) the goats