Friday, May 28, 2010

Packing up

We are back from Tokyo, getting resettled, while trying to pack up one year of our life into 4 suitcases and two carry ons..It is amazing to think that I moved here as one person and will be leaving as a family of three...

Tokyo was fun but hectic...Traveling with a baby is no joke...He was pretty much crying the entire weekend and I am making an appointment with a hearing specialist as soon as we get home because I am sure he has hearing damage from all of the basketball games that he has gone to in the last two weeks. Even Emily said that he cries a lot..Poor baby and poor me ;)....David's team's run for the "chip" did not go as planned and they came home in second place....It was a big disappointment for everyone but with the way the season started, who knew that they would make it that far...Everyone is so excited to be going home to family and friends, including us. Still no pics because I cant download them on our "borrowed" computer...

Baby Update:
Everyday Preston is doing better (well..except for today...1-1 hour nap + all day crankiness). The last two days he actually fell asleep on his own two times, which is a miracle and he was able to be awake and be content at the same time. I am pretty sure it was because he got in one good nap each day. He found his thumb for the first time the other day and I know most people will think I am a crazy lady..which I am, but I was sooo happy..This kid needs to suck and let me tell you, I am getting worn out :)...I have hickeys and he has even given himself some hickeys from trying to suck so hard. It is actually really sad. I tried to weigh him today and got a very rough weight of 11 pounds. He is getting so big and solid now...We can kind of flop him around and he is very sturdy. His "baby acne" which wasn't even baby acne is completely gone now that we are using baby detergent instead of regular, his face is even that much cuter now. He is starting to look like a Francis to me and it will be interesting to see what everyone else says, once we are home. And, Preston was asked to pose for a picture for the first time by complete strangers...He is a handsome bugger. He is also taking a bottle...which I am only practicing for when I head out of town for P's bachelorette party..He just chugs it but it does not relax him like the boob does. He also just found his little tiny voice that we hear occasionally and the smiles are becoming more frequent slowly but surely.

Emily Update:
Emily has been having a great time, or so she has said...We have done a lot of shopping and have had many funny "Japanese" moments while we have been out. People have pointed out her eyelashes and her hair asking if they are real. She just headed out to a darts bar with David's teammates, so hopefully she makes it back safely...Just kidding mom...

Can't wait to be basking in the sun in Maui in 5 days...WHOOP WHOOP!!!

And, I am not sure why I feel the need to post this but I can stop chuckling about the fact that David's teammate was just at our house by himself with Emily and I showing us where he got hit by scooter on his bike. It isn't really funny at all, but it kind of is. Poor Jason!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

mini Update

Got computer...being ghetto.. returning if right before we leave b.c. everything is in Japanese and it is sooo hard to use...keyboard sucks.

Headed to Tokyo on bullet train tomorrow...little man's first family vacation, kind of...i had to pack sooo many lugguage looks like i am staying a week...WISH US LUCK...we will be rooting for a CHAMPIONSHIP for baby CHAMP!!!

will update when we get home...

Emily will be here in about 20 hours. sooooooooo excited!!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last weekend I broke our computer. I tripped on a cord and pulled the computer off of the nasty brown chair that I spend hours each day in feeding the little prince...It was a disaster of a night...Anyways, I was able to borrow one of the player's computer, while he is in Kobe tonight..No pics because they are all downloaded on ours but I can update...Haven't been up to much lately. David's team won both games last weekend, which closed the regular season..They ended up in first place. Today we had the first game of the first round of playoffs (had home court advantage, thank god) and they won by 1 point..It was the craziest game ever but I am so happy that they won. Tomorrow, we are looking for the second win that will take us to Tokyo for the next round of playoffs and then the championship!! Whoop whoop!

Mother's Day was anticlimactic...Preston and I took a walk to the donut shop with Megan and Dana to celebrate ourselves, since our husbands weren't coming home until the next day. Other than that nothing happened.We are doing our celebrating in Maui!

Preston is getting cuter by the day!! He started really smiling two days ago and I finally got one captured on film.  He still fusses a lot, but I like to think he just wants us with him all of the time...We always oblige...He has a bad case of baby acne, which, I guess, doesn't hurt him but his is everywhere and I actually think he is allergic to something because it is moving down his body..He has it on his hands and even in his ears..He spends most of days right now eating, in the baby carrier, or being held/having mommy or daddy try to entertain him...It is sad when your 1 month old gives you the "oh my god you are a weirdo" look...We love him...It is hard to believe that he was always with us! And, he is huge!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Champ is 1 month...

Preston is a month old today....I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I am already getting sad about losing my newborn.  I wish I could go back and relive everything from the moment I went into labor...I am learning that this time goes by quick, so I am trying to savor every second.

10 facts about Preston at 1 month:

-likes to nuzzle in your neck.
-grabs everything from necklaces to hair.
-has smiled a couple of times intentionally.
-gets the hiccups at least three times each day.
-has grown out of some of his clothes.
-passes gas all of the time.
-is not a good burper.
-loves sleeping on his stomach.
-is very close to becoming a thumb sucker.
-constantly clears is throat and snorts (Little Piggy is another nickname).

Big Boy!

Trying to eat, while I continue to try to capture a cute one
He's protesting the lame picture in the lame onesie

Mother's Day

I  just realized this morning as David was getting ready to head to his last set of regular season games, that I would be spending my first Mother's Day alone (well, not completely alone..little man will be here of course)...He won't be back until Monday early morning...BOO!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First road trip...

Well..I made it through my first road trip fairly well...We had one day of crying/fussiness/mom doesn't leave the nasty brown chair (even for a shower) day with food posted up around her and one day of pleasant normal Preston behavior. I finally figured out that if he doesn't go back to sleep after his 6:30am breakfast then he is cranky, crying non-stop the rest of the day...We unintentionally tested it out today and YEP, he is cranky and WILL NOT FALL ASLEEP...It is 12:00 pm now and he has been up since 6:30am...YIKES, his brain needs a rest!!! Poor David, he sees most of the worst crying....

In other news, David's team won both of their games this weekend against the Kyoto team...They are still in first place. They have one more set of away games this weekend coming up and then it is off to Kobe for the first round of playoffs. We already have our hotel rooms booked for Tokyo! Cheers to them going all of the way! There was an only in Japan moment at the game. After David's team won on Sunday by 30 points, the announcer recognized all of the Osaka fans that were there and even led the Osaka Evessa cheer...This was an away game and the home team's last home game and they got spanked. Only in Japan would the announcer lead a cheer for the opposing team's fans...Also, I saw my midwife while I was in line for the restroom. We were both so surprised...She was happy to see Preston.

Me with Preston in the baby carrier at 6:45am trying to get him to go back to sleep so he wouldn't be cranky at the game

Little man

David snapped this while we were sleeping last night...Attachment parenting at its finest...:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Park Day...Finally!

We have finally gotten some good weather!! I have been waiting since March for the nice, sunny, warm spring weather that Osaka is known for! Today was the day and it is supposed to be nice and warm this whole week! Whoo hoo!!! We went to the park today for a picnic with Dana and her kids, Megan and Mykel, and Kumi! Preston was soooo good. All he did was eat and two favorite activities!

While we were there, JayLynn asked to hold Preston. This little boy is so curious about him....He loves holding him and asking questions about Preston. I think it is really cute and it is good for him. While he was holding Preston, he looked at me and said, "Michelle are you having another baby?" I said, "No, no I am not." He said, "Yes you are; I can see that it is right there in your stomach." He proceeds to touch my post-pregnancy roll that is hidden by my shirt showing that the baby is right there. I could not help but laugh and tell Dana what her child said to me. This is the same child who was disgusted when he found out the the baby wasn't wearing diapers or underwear, when he was "inside" of me. He could not believe that the baby just pooed and peed inside of me.

The Whole Group
Baby P
Kumi and Preston