Friday, July 30, 2010

The mama swagger....

How can it be that the mom does not have the mama swagger but everyone else does??? Can I take lessons somewhere???? Emily was successful in getting P to fall asleep last night just by holding him. This never happens for me..EVER...It has happened once and it was after he had been screaming, so he was exhausted. Jen and Katie have also gotten him to fall asleep in their arms....WTH!!!!  David and I both need lessons...Daddy's swagger hasn't been successful either...It use to work wonders. I think P knows that I am easy and he can go straight to the boob.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You know you are a fat kid when....

you overhear your husband and your mom listing all the various types of food you are going to buy while you are at the fair....

At the end of the day the list looked like this:

funnel cake
Carmel apple
jumbo cotton candy
fried cheese cake
fried cookie dough

I wanted a corn dog too, but figured the funnel cake's 1000 calories was enough for lunch.

The State Fair...

My mom and I met Leah and Karen on Tuesday at the State Fair. It was such a nice day. The food was good, the weather was nice, and Preston was on his best behavior. We just did what all other fair goers do: gorged ourselves on food, tried some new wine at the wine bar, and saw the baby animals.

Sutter County Whoop Whoop

These boys were/are obsessed with Preston and look at that smile...The feeling is mutual.

Growing up so fast....

Preston is getting so big...Literally and figuratively...When we were waiting for David at the hospital, a doctor was talking to Preston saying that he would be walking soon.  I kind of chuckled and said, "Oh not for a while".  The doctor continued talking to him and then made a statement about him crawling all over and followed up with, "Does he crawl yet?". I told him Preston was only 3.5 months old so we are still waiting for him start rolling over. The doctor's eyes almost popped out of his head, while he exclaimed, "He's HUGE!" Yes, my boy is big and I love every inch of his cellulity thighs.

Big boy in his Bumbo....

Testing out his new jumper.
Note to self...put a blanket in the front too next time, so he doesn't choke on the edge...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daddy's Protege...

Chillin' in his basketball outfit

Summer days with cousins...

Each week Leah has been bringing Nate and Taylor over to go swimming. Nate loves being in the water, especially if David is there to play with him. I love his little He-man outfit!And Taylor just does what she wants....Up the step, down the step, up the step, down the step....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a record...

I was out of the house before 9am with the baby, both of us fully clothed in normal clothes, not PJs, to get some decaf coffee...The highlight of my morning...

Scaredy cat...

Preston is a little bit of a scaredy cat. If he is tired, everything sets him off and he is startled very easily. I guess I didn't really need to worry about his hearing because he hears everything...Maybe I should take him to more basketball games to tone his hearing down a bit....The other day I was out shopping with my mom and my sister at Macy's and Emily was carrying Preston. She walked by another baby, who was about 10 months old. The baby and Preston totally made eye contact and the baby make a loud noise at Preston...A few seconds went by and Preston made his pouty face and started screaming...It was hilarious...No, I am not a mean mom..It was just funny. Everyone in line behind us started cracking up and my child was screaming.

Top 12 at 3 months...

So I wanted to add two more things to Preston's list.
11. He is now laughing...I love the little gurgling sound he makes. It takes a lot but I am sure it happen a lot more often, just like with smiling.
12. He has rolled over approximately 5 times, but has not made it a habit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Abs of steel, literally...

David has a new and improved set of abs...They are reinforced by a two huge mesh pieces that will basically prevent any more hernias from happening. Whoo hoo! The doctor said everything was fairly routine and that David's previous hernia had come back, so that is why they did two pieces of mesh (one on each side) instead of just repairing the one side. He is resting and seems to be recovering nicely...My mom came down and ended up staying for two nights to help out. She got him to the hospital at 5:30am, while I stayed with Preston..The procedure was scheduled for 7:30am, but apparently there were four kidney transplants (WOW) that were scheduled, which bumped David's surgery time to 1pm..It was a long day for us all. David was home and settled on the couch by 7pm. Now, I just need the little prince to take a nap...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Play time....

Participating in mommy's favorite activity...Lounging.
Playing with Katie.
Munching away.
His first toy that he can really hold. One second after this picture, he hit himself in the face and started crying.
After play time, all worn out.
We had to make a little pillow for him because he was too stubborn to put his head down, while he was on his tummy. He just kept getting mad that he was having to work so hard to keep his head up.

Naked baby....

3 months...

His little hammy hocks that we love!

Preston is finally coming into his own. I can actually say now, that I think he enjoys being out here more than on the inside. He has settled in a schedule that seems to work well for him, I am able to recognize his hungry/sleepy/bored/etc signs much better now, and I feel like together, we are kind of doing a dance. For the most part our days are filled with naps, tummy time, reading, playing on the floor, and watching me do household chores, or running errands. He recently started napping (THANK GOD) and has become a different child. I feel like I should have focused more on his napping earlier but I figured he would schedule himself. I guess like feed on demand, I thought he would nap when he wanted. He is smiling all of the time and is generally a very happy baby. As I write this, I know I am going to knock on all of the wood in the house. This turn around occurred a day after his 3 month birthday, so hopefully it is the real deal.


He had his first doctor's appointment in America for his 2 month checkup...We are a little behind, but will be caught up, once we leave again. His pediatrician is so nice and everything is normal...Even his small head. :).
Weight: 70%-14 pounds 9 ounces

Height: 80%- 25 inches long

Clothes: He can still fit into some of his 3 month clothes, but is pretty much wearing 3-6 month.
Top 10 at 3 months....

1. He found his hands...He loves trying to get his whole fist in his mouth. I am afraid he will succeed in the near future.

2. He is napping....BIG MILESTONE....He is now taking two naps a day for around 4 hours total. Before he slept for 20 minutes, fed for 20 minutes, fussed for an hour, fed for 20 minutes, slept for 20 minutes, and fussed for an hour, everyday, every 2 hours. It was hard. THE SWING HAS SAVED US!!!

3. Loves the water. He loves to splash in his tub at bath time and loves being in the pool.

4. Wants to sit up so bad. Reclining is no longer doing it for him. He puts his elbows down and tries to push up off of them into a sitting up position.

5. Chews on his tongue and drools like a St. Bernard.

6.Has added Take Me Out to the Ballgame and The Wheels on the Bus to his list of favorites.

7. Has a specific cry for "hold me" and "I am bored."

8. Can actually play with his toys now. He loves his floor gym..Thanks Sarah!

9. Has a bedtime routine of walk, bath, eat, and nigh-night. Lights out vary from 8pm to 9:30pm.

10. Has transitioned from our bed at the beginning of the night to his cradle. After he eats, he stays with us...Mommy is too lazy and falls asleep before he is even done!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Francis Family BBQ...

We had our final meet and greet with my family this weekend, so they could meet the little guy...He is so lucky to have so many people who just want to hold and spoil him. Apart form the 104 degree heat, the BBQ was great and it was so nice to see people, who I usually see at Thanksgiving, but haven't in a while because of being away. Preston had good moments and some bad moments, due to the non-napping situation, but overall, he was giving out smiles left and right...well..some people might say he was giving out frowns left and right too, ha ha..We will focus on the positive!

Grand lala
Cousin Judy with little man
The Firpos
Lala Nani


I was typing his 3 month post, bragging about how well he had been sleeping...Of course, I even mentioned in the blog that I was going to knock on wood, hoping that he finally has settled into a nap schedule., thinking that as soon as I make it public information, he would stop. Of course, the day after I typed it, he suddenly forgot what it was like to nap again and I have been wanting to stab my eyes out with pencils...He is down right now, so hopefully, he is getting back on schedule. Now I know what moms mean when they say "we work around nap time". Naps are non-negotiable.

In the mommy club...

I think I have officially entered the "mommy club". I am not sure that you are in the "club" until you have been shopping and started to deal with a meltdown that is so bad, you just leave your cart in the middle of the store and leave...Yes, Preston has officially initiated me into this club...His store of choice: Target!

Pouty Face...

I have been trying to get this procession on camera forever and thanks to Heather, ha ha, I was finally able to capture it! He started the pouty face around 2 months. I can't help but laugh...until he doesn't stop crying.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mr. Milk Mustashe

Little man likes to save a little for later, always.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


And, I can say after updating the blog in one big swoop, I won't be doing that again, hopefully....It just takes to d*** long!
Norma hosted a BBQ for David's side of the family, so they all could meet the little man. It was so nice to see everyone and to have them all meet Preston in one place. He took his afternoon nap there, so he was in a great mood for most of the day. At one point though, he was tired and Taylor stuck her fingers in his mouth and of course, he went crazy. Nate basically body slammed her and said, "Don't hurt my baby like that." It was hilarious. Poor Taylor!

Running around naked.

They are big buds already and Preston doesn't even know it.

Preston's first time swimming....

We finally got Preston into the pool...He absolutely loves bath time, so I am not sure why we waited so long.  Leah got him a cute swim suit oufit that we threw on him. He wasn't bothered by the big body of water at all. Swimming lessons are next!

4th of July...

David and I are lucky enough to have friends, who have friends in high places. We ended up spending 4th of July weekend in Carmel, in a beach house that was a 1 minute walk from the beach. The house across the street was on the market for 3.9 million dollars. Yes, I am bragging...I will probably never stay the night anywhere that is worth as much as that beach house was worth. It was so nice to hang out with Matt and Kylan and to get out of our parents' houses for a weekend. We ate, surfed, drove, took pictures, and hung out!

Kissing Kylan!

Mommy and Preston at the beach!

Gracie rocking Preston...She loved him!

The boys headed down to surf, ha ha ha!

The Palmers

The Lottichs

Get this swing...

if you want your child to nap...It has changed our lives for the better...
Little man is now taking naps and mama is not stabbing her eyes out with pencils anymore.
Looks like a little angel!

Friends BBQ..

I love that my mom suggested that we have a BBQ to see family friends and my friends. It makes it so much easier for us to see everyone...I definitely appreciate the one-stop greeting. Usually, we to drive around and see everyone separately, which is much more stressful now with Mr. Prince...There was good food, good drinks, and GREAT company. Even though it was about 200 degrees, the party lasted late into the evening, which is the sign of a great party, along with the empty tequila bottle :).

Alison, Jen, and me chatting it up!

Matt, David, and Raj drinking it up!

Jen and Little Man..Her swagger put him to sleep...Mama can't even do that!

Past month....

We are finally settled in our new apartment in Sacramento. We even have our cable and Internet set-up and David's computer is FIXED!!! I feel like a queen! Here are some pictures from the last month! I had over 800 on one memory card and over 200 on the other. No wonder I was procrastinating a bit....

Mommy and Preston at Norma's..He doesn't sit like this very often anymore...:(.


Toe lint...My favorite! Sick, I know...

Preston's mad face...When he really wants to hit something hard, he gets this look and gives Mr. Frog his best shot!

After bath time, all cuddled up in a towel....His favorite activity...

So happy playing with Daddy...I love this picture!