Wednesday, May 30, 2012


All strapped in for her ride home

Checking out his new sister for the first time

 Dr. Vaughn..Loved him!

 Reading her first story


 Compared to a Kindle...I don't ever want to forget how small she was. 

 Holding her for the first time

Poor Preston

 Sweet little piggys

Likes her head to be covered, just like Preston

Dee and Emi

 P and his present from Emi

Emi and Chiyo

Best Big Brother EVER

Daddy doing the first diaper change

Our first family portriat! ha ha ha!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Emilia Jane Palmer

Emilia Jane Palmer
May 28th, 2012
5:19 a.m.
7 pounds, 19 inches

Emi's birth story is pretty short and sweet...Just like her labor and just like her. I am telling you, if I were to have one job in a society where everyone has a role, I would be the pregnant cow...My pregnancies are easy and my labors are fast and without any issues at all. I was made to birth babies...Too bad I can't find a way to make money doing that. And, to think that at one time I didn't even want children.

Basically, on May 28th at 1am my water broke...Pretty much like the movies. A big gush in bed that I wasn't quite sure if it was urine or my amniotic fluid. I asked David to smell it and I am pretty sure he rolled over, looked disgusted, rolled back over, and went back to sleep. Once I got out of bed, I was 100% sure my water had broke...I was shocked...I was approximately 2 weeks away from my due date and was not showered, nor had I packed my hospital bag...I was assuming I had 2 more weeks (not to shower, but to pack). Contractions didn't start right away so I got nervous that I needed to head straight to the hospital because that is what medical personnel always say. As soon as your water breaks, you need to come in...Well, I know that contractions don't always start right away and at the hospital if your contractions don't start within a certain amount of time, doctors will help move things along with drugs, which I am completely against...So, I did some quick reresearch (because I have already researched it a million times in case this happened) and decided that I would be staying home, watching my temperature, and not taking any baths. After making that decision, I came to the realization that contractions could start at any point in time, so it might be wise to take a shower and pack. I had just made a list of my to-pack things, so at least I knew what I wanted to take. Once all that was done, I got back in bed and figured I might as well get some sleep before the next 18 years of my life starts.

As soon as I laid down at 3am, the first contraction happened. And, again just like the movies, even though my water had just broke, I wasn't sure if it was the real thing...Fast forward, an hour and yes, it was absolutely the real thing. My wild animal pacing in a small, Japanese apartment was in full force. I hopped in the tub for some relief and as soon as I did, my incredibly smart husband reminded me that I arrived at the hospital at 8 cm with Preston and wasn't sure if hanging out in the bath tub was a great idea if I didn't want to have the baby in the car. I agreed, hopped out and we were on our way. Chiyo our amazing babysitter who was basically on-call (well, actually not for another 2 weeks) came and stayed with Preston. It was pouring and windy outside and I had to give David directions to the hospital, which I was NOT happy about.

We got to the hospital (which was about 30 minutes away), ran to the labor and delivery department, and got hooked up to all the machines. The nurse was incredibly slow about getting everything done and David kept telling her that she needed to hurry. She took her sweet time and once she found that I actually arrived at the hospital complete and ready to push, she freaked out and everything became hustle and bustle within 15 minutes of us arriving. I was ready to have this baby. I again, as I did with Preston, went through transition (8-10 cm) in the car in a sitting position, which I would never, ever, ever recommend to anyone..It has to be one of the worst ways to experience the most painful part of labor. The doctor was notified and he took his sweet time coming, which was funny because I am sure the nurse told him that I was ready to push. She actually called him a couple of times to tell him to hurry up. Once the doctor arrived, I pushed 3 times in 15 minutes and baby girl, Emilia Jane was born at about 5am...YES, 5am....Contractions started at 3am and she was born at 5am....Maybe one of the quickest labors ever...Not the easiest, but the definitely the quickest. My mom and sister were still waiting for the "we are at the hospital call". Instead they got the "the baby is here and its a girl" call.
We were told it was a girl, which I knew the entire pregnancy. We didn't even have a boy name picked out.

Scary, I know..But it is exactly when Dr. Vaughn said, "It's a girl." I started crying, which is what this picture is capturing...Not a pretty crier AT.ALL.

It was a joy, a relief, and again, an overwhelming feeling of completeness. I don't feel all loving and gushy after having my kids but more of a sense that they are finally with us and were made for us. All I can describe it as is a sense of completeness...Like a piece of the puzzle we didn't know always existed is finally there.  And, again, one of my proudest moments of my life (the other being Preston's birth)....A completely drug-free labor and delivery experience with no interventions at all and completely laboring at home. If we ever have another, I might just stay at home for the whole shebang.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


At the beach next to our house, there was a kayak rental hut. David and I always talked about either doing a date day or taking Preston out on the kayak, since he loves boats. Well, we decided we had to do it before I had the baby so one day off, we rental a kayak and headed out. It was not FUN.AT.ALL. I forgot how close to the water the kayak sits and basically, every time I moved anything, even breathed, I felt like the kayak was going to tip, which would have been fine if it had been just David and I, but since we had Preston, I was a nervous wreck. And, the icing on the cake was that Preston didn't even enjoy it like we thought he would. I think he was a mixture between being scared and being a terrible twoer and trying to grab the paddle from David.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Homecoming Fit for a King

A Homecoming Fit for a KING (pun intended)!!!

The media crews setting up

 The fans setting up

More fans 

The Kings' # 1 fan

At the airport waiting for the guys to arrive

With his gold and blue victory cake :)

37 weeks...

I.AM.HUGE and I may never wear this dress ever, ever again, unless I am pregnant for a 3rd time...It has become my "want to look cute but nothing else fits and its too damn hot to wear anything else" go-to outfit. Baby P will be here anytime!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


THE KINGS WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! After a long season of being pregnant and living overseas with a toddler, everything is worth it when your team wins.....This is David's third championship (just to toot his horn a little) and it is still just as sweet EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I had a perma-grin for a week, until the first contraction started.  I was so proud of him and the Kings for pulling through and winning. It is such an awesome feeling! I was able to watch the game at the same sports bar and was yelling and hopping around even more. I got a babysitter for Preston, so I could really concentrate on the game. It was a stressful two hours and I was a ball of nerves. It is hard to imagine training from September 1st for a two hour game 9 months later. Everything really hinges on those 120 minutes! After the game, my friends who were with me, took me to frozen yogurt, since I couldn't partake in any drinking festivities. I enjoyed that treat while I waited for a call from D.

 Chiaki and I and my HUGE belly!

David shooting free throws 

Hopping around like a big flea


With their bright new orange CHAMPION hats!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tokyo!!!! The FINALS!

David's team headed to Tokyo for another round of playoffs and then, the CHAMPIONSHIP match! Whoop, whoop..GGGGOOOOO Kings! I was not able to go due to the fact that I was about to go into labor at any second. Looking back, I am sure it was better that I stayed home..All of the walking and the excitement of winning would have probably done the trick..This was the first trip to Tokyo that I missed. I even took little man at 6 weeks old when Osaka made it to the finals in 2010...boooooo!!!! A sports bar that the players frequented a lot bought a special satellite and package just to broadcast the game for me. They were able to hook it up to their projector screen, which made it seem even more exciting. I am sure everyone at the bar was wondering why a lady who was very, very pregnant with a toddler on her hip was in a bar..It didn't help that I was yelling at the screen and jumping around like a large flea.

Kyoto (ironically) vs. Kings
David at the free throw line 

The final score...Heading to the Championship Match tomorrow!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Toiguchi Beach

We decided to take a little trip to Toiguchi Beach. It is one of the most picturesque places in Okinawa and has a really fun roller slide to boot. Preston got to practice riding his new bike, wade in the water, and play on the playground. 

Daddy and little man

 Living it up on the roller slide

 So happy!

Soon to be family of 4

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Second Round of Playoffs (first round for the Kings)

Since the Kings ended the regular season in first place in their conference, they had a bi-week during the first round of playoffs. They also got home court advantaged for the second round, which as everyone knows, coming to Okinawa during playoffs sucks because the fans are the best in the league!

A packed stadium

 Dee and I pre-game 

YEEEAAHHH...We beat Shiga!!! On to Tokyo!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dragon Boat Races

We went to the Dragon Boat Races today that were held in Naha. This is a cultural tradition in Japan and occurs every year during Golden Week (which is a number of special holidays all strung together), which is going on right now. Basically, the whole country shuts down for a number of days and everyone travels and celebrates. Ironic as it may be, in 2005, David and I vacationed in Okinawa during Golden Week and now we live here :). We weren't able to make it to the boat races during that trip, so I was adamant about going today, even though David reminded me 1,000 times that he HATES festivals (Thank you Gilroy...I actually hate festivals too, but this was an exception). That time the championship game had already happened and we were planning on heading home not too much longer after that...I wish that were the case now! Literally, everything in Osaka was closed...Banks, grocery stores, exchange places...Everyone went to Okinawa to relax! Today was the final day of all the festivities and it is called Children's Day/Boys' Day. There was a huge carnival (think fair) at the port while the boat races were going on. We were up and at 'em at 5:45am this morning (Thank you Scarlett AND Preston) so we got there just as everything was starting which was nice. It was hot but it got hotter and we found parking nearby and fast...One good thing about waking with the sun...The early bird gets the worm. Preston rode the train ride, we had a corn dog the size of David's head, a snow cone the size of his head, and a huge bag of cotton candy. It was fun! As a side note, this weekend is round 1 of playoffs...David's team has a bye weekend, hence no work today. Good luck to all the teams...We will find out who David's team plays on Sunday.

 Soooo tall!!
 Two peas in a pod
 Dragon Boat
 Just the "4" of us
 35 weeks
 Big man on campus
 Loving mama's snow cone
Dragon Boat