Friday, April 17, 2015

Mommy spying at school

Emi is exercising on the elliptical machine and P is headed somewhere!

Recent Randoms

P during learning time 

Found a Hannaryz van in traffic

Emi as a golden retriever with a leash made out of a dead snake that Preston found. All from his mouth!

Baking with mommy

Puzzle time

My school bunny

Just watching her night night show with brother's goggles

Loving each other

Crack Kills...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Will this winter ever end?

Heading out to school in a rain storm without a car! Awesome!!

Emi Started School

Yeah!!! Emi started preschool after my mom left Kyoto. She had been asking to go to P's school for a while and was calling it her school. I wasn't quite ready but David was all for it! She goes 2 days a week from 9am to 230pm. She is exhausted at the end but loves every second of it! She is so proud of being a big girl with her lunch box, water bottle, and backpack. We just love her to pieces! And, yes she wants to be Preston when she grows up, haha! This has also lead to a weekly date day for David and I since she goes on his only day off. Living here with no family, very few friends, and no sitters makes this an even sweeter deal for us!

Preston got a uniform! We love it! Makes for a very easy morning! This is his new "Jalen" smile, haha! Sorry bud, Jalen doesn't smile like that!!

Tuesday Date Day

Now that we have our Tuesday's kid-free (whoooop whoooooooop), we try to do something fun and meaningful which usually consists of us eating lunch at a restaurant that we don't want to talented kids to. This week it was to Kyoto Gogyu. They are famous for their burnt miso ramen and it was BOMB! I actiay groaned aloud after the first bite. Definitely recommend.

What's a date day without a kiss?!

Rammy Getting Some Nu-Nu!

Only Meaningful if you Have Lived with 2 kids and NO Car

My electric bike tire broke.... WAAAAHHHH... Yes, I am wailing and tantruming..... I ❤️ my bike!

The Big #5!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!

Through the years 😩

Special birthday shirt and pin

Chocolate cake by request

All ready for the birthday boy

Getting in to the spirit

Birthday morning. Emi woke up happy and P was shy. Their moods changed quickly, haha!

Time to celebrate!

Bumblebee Transformer

Birthday Breakfast

Momma and her girl

Hirakata Park for the April Birthday Boys

Roller Coaster!! Woo wee!

On the tea cups alone! Haha! Everyone else was spun out! Opitome of Preston!

3D Laser shooting game

Party time

We ❤️ you!!!

Birthday boy at school

Checking out his card